Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas (Finally Some Good News from 2020)


We should have expected it this year since it’s 2020 but holiday shopping is now worst then ever…

Parts of the Internet keep crashing just when you need to get online. Postal package delivery has slowed to a crawl due to large volume increases in mail and a shortage of USPS workers thanks to COVID-19. And even big retail stores have to have limits on the number of customers allowed inside.

So if you are worried that getting Christmas gifts to your local loved ones on time will be difficult then you’re not alone.

But for many, getting out and doing any last minute gift shopping is really not a great option right now.

Not to worry … We are looking out for you with our Personal Shopping service!

Mountain Made Gallery … ready to open for the rush!

How Our Personal Shopping Works – A Simple 3-Step Process

1) First, check out some last minute gift ideas below…

2) Next, call us at 828-350-0307 to check for availability and to place your order … we’ll do the shopping for you.

3) Finally, just pickup your order (curbside or in-store).

>>> Click for Store Hours & Directions to Mountain Made Gallery <<<

Jason Probstein

Hand Blown Glass

Artist Bio

Tony Bledsoe


Artist Bio

Gayle Ray

Gemstone Jewelry

Artist Bio

Marsha Maxey



Silver Jewelry


Lin Barber

Sgraffito Pottery

Artist Bio

Dan deBettercourt

Alcohol Ink Paintings

Artist Bio


Liberty Street Baggage 

Bags &  Purses

Artist Bio

Nalan Weaver

Quilted Runners

Artist Bio

Celia Miles

Mystery Novels

Artist Bio


Bill Wanezek

 Turned Wood Working 

Artist Bio

Tamara Matthews

Pottery Key Hider

Artist Bio

Ceramic Hide-a-Key by Tamara Matthews

Annette Libby


Artist Bio

Tebbe Davis


Artist Bio

 Jonna Rae Bartges   


Artist Bio

Sharyn Fogel


Artist Bio

Bonnie Lucas

Quilted Wall Hangings 

Artist Bio

Robin Southecorvo Pottery

Artist Bio


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