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Nature themed Porcelain Pottery by Annette Libby

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Porcelain Plates & Platters

Annette Libby says, “I was born and raised in Germany, and moved to the United States more then 30 years ago. I am a self taught artist and my work is greatly influenced by my love for nature. I have been working as a clay artist for 20 plus years now.

Graceful, simplistic forms found in nature fascinate and influence my pieces. The pottery is formed by hand from a clay slab as opposed to a potter’s wheel. I find it gives me great freedom of expression. Each piece I create is hand painted (glazed) and is one of a kind.”

See Annette’s latest work below…


“Birth Mark” A Poem by Nancy Dillingham

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As you might know by now that our featured artist for the summer is Nancy Dillingham. Nancy is both a poet and writer and her work will be featured all summer as part of our Year 2020: A Public Art Project.

“Birth Mark” was part of her first set of 2020 poems and one that we wanted to share with you.

Birth Mark

“America was born with a birthmark.” Condoleezza Rice

Home of the Brave

give me a world where the birthmark
has been blurred, obliterated

where greedy landowners
didn’t crave slaves

where untold souls
didn’t have their lives taken

on occasions
for picnics and parades

ice cream and baseball
souvenirs and photo opts

I long for a land where the words
of our own lady of the harbor

Give us your tired, huddled masses
yearning to breathe free

no longer ring hollow

* Between 1882 and 1962, 4,000 blacks lost their lives in lynchings.

** Lynchings occurred about once a week for 80 years. In 2016, 266 blacks lost their lives to police shootings. This was an average of 5 people killed per week.

Voting Candles are as American as Apple Pie?

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Apple Pie Scented Soy Wax Candles

Okay, we admit you might never have heard about “voting” candles before. But lighting up one of these wonderful smelling Apple Pie spiced candles might just be the thing you need to settle your nerves.

These Healing White Light Candles are created in small batches by Reiki Master Teacher Jonna Rae Bartges right here in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.

We invite you to come by Mountain Made gallery to get a voting candle as a special thank you for those seniors, shut-ins, military service people, out-of-towners and early voters who will be using absentee or mail-in ballots this year.


Ceramic Plant Pockets (Wall-mounted planter pots you’ll love)

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Wall-Mounted Handcrafted Ceramic Planter Pots

These wonderful planter pockets (pots) by North Carolina potter Tamara Matthews are the ultimate indoor planter pot for apartments or other small spaces.

Did you know that such flavorful herbs like as Basil, Chives, Cilantro, Dill, Lemongrass, Oregano, Rosemary, Sage and Thyme don’t require a huge pot to grow? You can easily grow them all year long in a small planter “pocket” like the ones Tamara has created.

UPDATE: I’ve been told that Lemongrass gets pretty high…4 feet vs 4 inches. Who knew? Cut it back it gets out of control.

Tamara Matthews creates hand sculpted ceramic tiles that are primarily used for home decor and architectural accents. She says, ” Nature has always been, and continues to be a source of inspiration for my work. Each of my pieces are hand sculpted and invites you to run your fingers over the textures. I hope you enjoy them.”

Her work gives any home the custom look of rustic elegance. These custom-made planters would look great in a kitchen with herbs, or in a bathroom with air plants or over a fireplace with a decorative dried flower bouquet. (more…)