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Mountain Made Art Gallery – Celebrating Contemporary Mountain Arts & Crafts for 20 Years!

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“Mountain Made Art Gallery is Celebrating

20 Years of Offering the Some of the Best Local Arts & Crafts in WNC!”

This has been a long time coming. We have some great years and some … well, some not so great. But through it all we have stood firm in our essential mission – We are proud to support the entrepreneurial development of the arts and crafts professionals in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina.

While other downtown galleries may brag about the size of their square footage or how famous their out-of-town artists may be, we here at MOUNTAIN MADE have made it a point over the past 20 years to only offer what we consider to be the best writers, artists and master craftspeople who live and work here in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

We are naturally proud that our arts and crafts are handcrafted and using authentic methods and materials, to create one-of-a-kind collections of both contemporary mountain crafts and traditional local art.

So we will be hosting wonderful artist demos and exhibitions during the month of October as our 20th Anniversary celebration!

We be highlighting the some of our best Mountain Made artists, writers and craftspeople.



Floral Memories – Pressed Flower Art

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Pressed Flower Artwork & Prints by Susan McChesney

While Mountain Made has always had pressed flower jewelry , we have not had pressed flowers collages depicted as “landscapes” or “still-life” artwork before.

This is why are happy to showcase the original artwork, numbered prints and note cards of floral artist Susan McChesney. Susan says about her work, ”

“Eyeing an unused flower press in my studio, I began pressing flower petals and leaves from a local flower farm. I found the pressed petals to be vibrant and alive visually, and began to collage them into landscapes…using the petals like strokes of a brush.

So many of the same elements come into play [like painting]: color, shape, texture, value, composition… but transformed by the fragility and variety presented by the natural materials.

Now, I not only marvel in wonder and awe at the physical elements I collage to represent the landscapes around me…This is my true HeartWork.”

Susan goes on to say, “

“Oshibana, a 16th c. Japanese floral preservation tradition of pressed flower art, grappled then with preserving color in the flower petals, and the challenge continues today.

The contemporary techniques to remove oxygen, the fading culprit, include lamination and vacuum sealing, both of which I am currently using. So my work is sealed upon completion, and it should hold its color for years to come.”

Preserving memories in pressed flowers is a time-honored way to keep tangible reminders of special moments and experiences. But by creating originals, prints and notecards, Susan allows all of us to share this beautiful preserved flower artform … without having to become an expert.

For example:

  • A pressed flower print can serve as a physical reminder of a significant event in your life, such as a wedding, a graduation, or a birthday. These beautiful, life-like prints can evoke feelings of love, joy and happiness whenever you look at one.
  • A pressed flower art original can show a deep appreciation for nature and all its beauty. This type of art piece can inspire people to pay more attention to their surroundings, notice the changes in the seasons, and develop a sense of true stewardship for the environment.
  • Pressed flower artworks are unique keepsakes: A pressed flower original landscape or still-life makes for one-of-a-kind keepsake that can be shared with your loved ones or used as thoughtful gifts for friends .



Handmade Wooden Flower Holders – from vintage Locust split rail fence posts

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Here at Mountain Made gallery, we are happy to announce that master woodcrafter Jim Caskowski has brought us several of his wonderful handcrafted flower holders made from Locust wood reclaimed from vintage Split Rail Fencing.

Split rail fence, also known as split pole or snake fence, was a prevalent method of fencing used in the early American frontier to the late 1800’s. Split rail fencing provided many advantages that made it particularly popular in the Western North Carolina and its farmers.

The original split rail fences were often built by laying split locust logs on top of one another in a zigzag formation.

Locust, specifically black locust (Robinia pseudoacacia), was favored in the Smoky Mountains for several reasons:

Durability: Locust wood is incredibly durable and resistant to rot, making it an excellent choice for fence construction. When exposed to the elements, locust wood can last for several decades without significant degradation.

Insect resistance: Locust wood has natural compounds that make it resistant to insect infestations, including termites. This characteristic further contributed to the longevity of fences made from locust wood.

Fast-growing: Black locust trees are fast-growing and thrive in various soil types, making them an abundant resource here in the Smoky Mountains. This allowed local farmers to harvest locust wood without significantly depleting the supply.

Strength: Locust wood is very dense and strong, making it an ideal material for split pole fencing. Fences constructed from locust wood were sturdy and able to withstand the pressures of livestock and the harsh mountain weather conditions.

Which is why deep in the reclaimed forests and along forgotten roads these locust wood posts still stand, a silent witness to growth and change within the hidden hollows and hillsides in Western North Carolina.

We invite you to come by Mountain Made and touch a real piece of mountain history > directions to Mountain Made, a downtown Asheville art gallery.

March Madness Starts Here in Asheville [2023]

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Southern Conference Basketball Tourney

Welcome SoCon

March Madness Begins in Asheville!

Spring is just around the corner and after this winter we are all ready for nice weather and some BASKETBALL!

If you are going to the Ingles Southern Conference Basketball Championships (SoCon), we all know eventually you will have a break in the games of your favorite team.

There’s no better time to visit Mountain Made, a downtown art gallery (just a 4 min walk from Harrah’s, inside the Grove Arcade) and browse one of the best selections of local artwork in Western North Carolina.

What makes the Mountain Made art gallery so different?

Mountain Made is home to over 150 local artists, craftspeople and writers.  We specialize in supporting only those writers, artists and master craftspeople who live and work in the towns and communities in the surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains.

While other area galleries may brag on the size of their square footage or how famous their out-of-town artwork may be, we here at Mountain Made we showcase only what we consider to be the best of what Western North Carolina has to offer.

Mountain Made has new artwork arriving almost every week:

  • Handcrafted artisan jewelry, & beadwork
  • Fine ceramic art and hand-thrown pottery,
  • Hand-sewn quilted wall hangings,
  • Hand-turned bowls & wooden decor pieces,
  • Original wall art and paintings,
  • Whimsical metal garden art,
  • Blown glass goblets and pitchers, plus fused & stained glass art

Any of our local pieces would make a great gift for that special someone who couldn’t come to SoCon or as a wonderful inspiration for anyone who is participating in the Championships.

We invite you to check out our local arts and crafts for yourself…

We Invite You to Visit Us Inside the Historic Grove Arcade…

And Take a Piece of the Mountains Home with You!

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Things to Do in Downtown Asheville – Walk the Urban Trail to Mountain Made

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We invite you to embark on an adventure along Asheville’s Urban Trail and discover the city’s art and history while taking a casual 1.7-mile stroll through downtown.

This self-guided walking tour boasts 30 public sculptures that act as landmarks, leading you through the frequently offbeat and artistic past of the city and introduces you to its larger-than-life historical figures. The Urban Trail was initiated by the City of Asheville to showcase public art as part of its ongoing program to enhance the city’s quality.

Each of the 30 stops along the trail offers a unique sculpture, sharing a piece of Asheville’s rich history and past. Whether you’re a history buff, architecture enthusiast, or simply an admirer of art, this tour is ideal for both locals and tourists alike.

Urban Trail Map by

Urban Trail Map by

As you follow the trail, you will come across five pink granite markers in the sidewalk, representing distinct time periods in Asheville’s history.

The feather symbolizes the Gilded Age, the horseshoe represents the Frontier Period, an angel for the Times of Thomas Wolfe, the courthouse bell for the Era of Civic Pride, and an eagle for the Age of Diversity, located across from Asheville’s Historic Black Business section on Eagle Street.

Photo of Grove's Vision by

Photo of Grove’s Vision by

While on the Urban Trail, make sure to stop by the Grove Arcade when you check out, “Grove’s Vision”, a  sculpture on the corner of Page Ave and Battery Park Ave. This one-of-a-kind  glass etching showcases the original architectural plans for the Grove Arcade, which was never fully completed after the death of its namesake, E.W. Grove.

The Grove Arcade building was saved and restored by the City of Asheville and the Asheville community in the 1990s and is now home to over 30 locally-owned shops, businesses, and restaurants.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to visit the Mountain Made gallery inside the Grove Arcade. The gallery proudly exhibits the works of more than 150 Western North Carolina artists, craftspeople, and authors.

Come explore the legends and lore of Asheville, while enjoying the outdoors, the city’s beautiful skyline, public sculptures, and downtown art galleries by following the Asheville Urban Trail. It’s an excellent way to spend an afternoon or morning discovering the heart and soul of Asheville.

A Guide to Locally Made Arts and Crafts for Your Home

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Home Accents at Mountain Made

Why Choose Mountain Made Arts & Crafts for Your Home?

American made arts and crafts are the perfect choice for those who are looking to add a unique appeal or uncommon look to their home.

Mountain Made gallery offers a wide range of items of locally made arts and crafts. Frankly, we usually have something for just about everyone.

You see, here at Mountain Made, our gallery has art pieces from over 100 different artisans. Many of whom have spent decades working on and perfecting their craft.

This means you can easily create a beautiful and inviting atmosphere in your home from the artwork found here … without breaking the bank.

Brighten Up Your Home with Handcrafted Arts & Crafts

Handcrafted artwork has always been a great way to add beauty and personality to your home.

Whether you’re looking for a fabulous piece of wall art or a handmade gift for someone special, there are plenty of options available.

As a downtown Asheville art gallery, we showcase a variety of different arts and crafts. We try to showcase the best in contemporary mountain arts and crafts such as:

  • handcrafted jewelry made with silver, semi-precious stones, and beadwork
  • fine ceramic art and hand-thrown pottery cookware
  • blown glass ornaments as well as stained glass
  • quilted wall hangings and table runners
  • hand-turned wooden bowls & grinders
  • original wall art and paintings
  • metal garden and yard art
  • whimsical gourd “bird” art
  • and fabulous candles

Want to Know Some of the Best Ways to Decorate with Artwork?

You don’t have to become a home design pro to decorate and display your artwork in eye-catching ways.

Add personality and character to any room with artwork. Decorating your home with art doesn’t have to become complicated or time-consuming.

There are multitude of innovative and sophisticated ways to display your artwork. For example, you can create a “gallery wall”. A Gallery Wall is a neat way to showcase your favorite paintings and wall art in one space.

With a gallery wall, you can mix and match pieces of art, with photos and other items to create an artistic display that reflects your style.

You can group items by art medium, colors, or subject matter! You can use frames of different sizes or hang the items on the wall directly for a more eclectic look.

With the right combination of items, you can create a one-of-a-kind and eye-catching space that will draw attention and make your room stand out.

You can also display individual pieces, using picture rails or floating shelves, or even have a custom frame made.

You can easily display your pottery pieces by grouping similar styles or colors together. Or you can use a shelving unit in the kitchen or dining room create a big display.

Or you can spread out a few items on a mantel or floating shelf.

And of course, you can always use plastic/metal stands or glass blocks to show off any smaller pieces on end or side tables.

Don’t Forget the Benefits of Using Art to Decorate

Art, especially handmade arts and crafts, has the power to transform any space, adding character and making it more inviting.

Decorating your living spaces with art can create an environment that can instill feelings of joy and relaxation.

Artwork can instantly elevate the feel of any space, making it more comfortable and inviting. Art can completely transform a “boring” house into an welcoming home!

We invite you to come by to experience all our wonderful arts and craft collections > Directions to Mountain Made, a Downton Asheville Art Gallery

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