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Hand Forged Metal Roasters & Meat Flippers

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Handmade Metal Roasters and Meat Flippers

Yes, Summer is finally here!

The Fourth of July, usually signals the time we ALL want to get outside to visit friends and family.

But with crazy airline cancellations and higher gas prices, many of us are considering doing a “Staycation”.

You know where you and your loved ones beat the heat and the stress of long distance travel by hanging out in your own backyard.

Mountain Made can help you with that…

We have a wonderful line of hand-forged bbq and grilling tools from local blacksmith Edwin Knies.

Hand Forged Roaster Sticks

[Click each image to enlarge]

These are the perfect tools for roasting marshmallows or making S’mores. (see recipe below!)

They feature two twisted metal forks to handle heavier items such as bratwursts and hotdogs.

Each roaster is hand forged right here in Western North Carolina using traditional blacksmithing tools and techniques.

They are finished with a blend of vegetable oil and other food-safe coatings, leaving a beautiful and durable “blacken” finish that will protect each tool from moisture.

Similar to finish of a seasoned cast-iron pan, they are easy to clean and will last a lifetime if properly maintained.


Hand Forged Meat Flipper or Steak Turner

[Click each image to enlarge]

These hand forged flippers or turners are a great tool for anyone who loves to grill, bbg or smoke meats.

They are styled in a traditional “Pigtail” hook design which makes it perfect for hooking and with a flick of your wrist, easily flip steaks.

You can also use it for turning over chops, ribs, chicken and handling meats – safely in a smoker.

There is twisted circular handle at the top that provides a nice grip with plenty of control.

These make a fun gift for those “gourmet” grillers in your life.

Fun Variation on S’mores for TWO!

1 (1.55 oz) milk chocolate candy bar
4 chocolate chip cookies
2 regular marshmallows


Place half the candy bar on each of two cookies and set aside.

Gentle push the marshmallows on roaster.

Roast above hot coals until marshmallows are golden brown.

Carefully remove from roaster and place one marshmallow on each candy bar half. They will be hot!

Top with remaining two or your favorite cookies.


We invite you to come by Mountain Made and check out Edwin’s work for yourself: Directions to Mountain Made

Wonderful Women Writers of Western North Carolina – 2022 Book Signing


Celia Miles (left), Jeanne Charters (center), Nancy Dillingham (right)

Local Women Writers’ Book Signing – June 25, 2022
Saturday, 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

Mountain Made Gallery will be hosting a book signing for some of our most popular women writers: Jeanne Charters, Nancy Dillingham,C and Celia Miles.

The books from these wonderful women writers range from fun, “who-done-it” cozy mysteries, to contemporary poetry; to gripping cutting edge novels. (more…)

Good Reads for Bad Days – Can Reading Really Chill You Out? [Local WNC Writers]

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Local WNC Writers at Mountain Made

Escape into Summer Reads

Benefits of Reading Books by Our Local WNC Writers

Are you stressed out? After the last few years, most people are worried or troubled about something.

Stress can come from a lot of different sources: everything from politics to long cycles of disastrous weather, from personal illnesses to hard financial times or just the everyday struggle of making a living in a world that seems too fast paced.

But don’t despair, according to a blog post on the Booklyst, 14 Benefits of Reading That Will Make You Pick a Book Every Day:

  • Reading a book is an effective (and cheap) way to relieve stress
  • You can actually become smarter
  • Reading improves your memory
  • Reading improves your vocabulary
  • Reading slows down cognitive decline
  • Reading is a great way to entertain yourself

The article goes on to state, “According to research conducted by the University of Sussex, it has been proven that reading is better to reduce stress than other activities like walking in a park or sitting down with a cup of tea. Just six minutes of reading alone is enough to reduce stress by more than two-thirds.”

Plus ” Reading makes you smarter – Now this one is easy. If you read more — you learn more. Regardless of the type of books you prefer, you still learn new things from every new book.”

And “Reading slows down cognitive decline – According to this research, people who are active readers, puzzle solvers, or chess players, might be two times less likely to develop Alzheimer’s disease in comparison to those who do not practice such activities.”

So with these ideas of escaping into a wonderful book in mind, here at Mountain Made, we have listed some of our most popular fiction and non-fiction books… (more…)

Inside the Artist’s Studio with Asheville Artist Christine Hyde, Wildlife Painter

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“Everyone needs time to develop their dreams. Even an egg in the nest doesn’t become a bird overnight.” ~ Lois Ehlert

Bird Nest Art by Asheville Artist Christine Hyde

In this week’s post, Mountain Made gallery is happy to share with you the unique artistic views of one of our newest additions to our gallery of local artists Christine Hyde.

Christine says her motto is “Amor Fati – Live your life as a Masterpiece. Love your fate. Live with an attitude of gratitude, seeing the beauty in all aspects of your life.”

She continues, “We are all on a path of physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual evolution. When we step back and reflect where we have been and where we are on our journey, [you should] pay attention to the beautiful tapestry of your life. [Each life is] woven with the colorful threads of experience. Stay present. See, sense, listen to the wonderment of life around you.”

…. (more…)

Last Minute Mother’s Day Gifts Ideas

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Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

“It doesn’t have to be another War for the Roses!”

Frankly, who doesn’t enjoy breakfast in bed?  And flowers, especially roses, are still are the most traditional of all Mother’s Day gifts.

But flowers now cost more than ever … frankly your breakfast cooking skills suck.

Did you know that Mother’s Day started in all places in a small mining town in West Virginia? Ann Reeves Jarvis, who was social advocate in West Virginia in the late 1800’s and mother of Anna Marie Jarvis, the founder of the Mother’s Day holiday wrote,

“I hope and pray that someone, sometime, will found a memorial mothers day commemorating her for the matchless service she renders to humanity in every field of life. She is entitled to it!

Well we think mothers of all types are entitled to something special  … So we are proud the showcase some of our most popular handmade arts and crafts as an alternative to the same old last minute gift of flowers or bad breakfasts in bed.

Great gifts for Mother’s Day



Mother’s Day  “Flowers”

Okay, we couldn’t resist! Mother’s Day would NOT be Mother’s Day without some flowers.

For Moms Who are Readers


We invite you to come by and check out all the above and other gift ideas for Mother’s Day … Mountain Made, a downtown Asheville art Gallery

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