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Mountain Made Art Gallery – Celebrating Contemporary Mountain Arts & Crafts for 20 Years!

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“Mountain Made Art Gallery is Celebrating

20 Years of Offering the Some of the Best Local Arts & Crafts in WNC!”

This has been a long time coming. We have some great years and some … well, some not so great. But through it all we have stood firm in our essential mission – We are proud to support the entrepreneurial development of the arts and crafts professionals in the Southern Appalachian Mountains of Western North Carolina.

While other downtown galleries may brag about the size of their square footage or how famous their out-of-town artists may be, we here at MOUNTAIN MADE have made it a point over the past 20 years to only offer what we consider to be the best writers, artists and master craftspeople who live and work here in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

We are naturally proud that our arts and crafts are handcrafted and using authentic methods and materials, to create one-of-a-kind collections of both contemporary mountain crafts and traditional local art.

So we will be hosting wonderful artist demos and exhibitions during the month of October as our 20th Anniversary celebration!

We be highlighting the some of our best Mountain Made artists, writers and craftspeople.



The Mesmerizing World of Renaissance Glass Bowls

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Dichroic Glass Bowls

Have you ever come across a piece of jewelry that not only captures your attention but also tells a story with every shimmer and hue? Think of a piece so unique that it’s impossible to find an exact replica anywhere in the world.

Now imagine that same luster and brilliance, not in a pair of earrings or a pendant but molded inside a breath-taking accent bowl?

Welcome to the captivating realm of Renaissance Glass Bowls, where artistry meets innovation.

Located in the picturesque outskirts of Asheville, North Carolina, Renaissance Glass Studio is not just another jewelry maker. They are one of first pioneers in the world of handcrafted jewelry, with a legacy that spans back to mid-1980’s.

But what truly sets them apart? It’s their signature use of dichroic glass. The studio has leader in the art glass movement for 35 years.

Dichroic glass is no ordinary glass. It’s a symphony of multiple ultra-thin layers of metal oxides like titanium, silicon, and magnesium, meticulously deposited onto the surface of the glass.

This process, carried out in a high-tech vacuum chamber, results in the formation of a unique crystal structure on the glass surface.

The outcome? A glass that plays with light in the most enchanting way, reflecting brilliant, ever-changing colors.

The journey of creating a piece of Renaissance’s dichroic glass jewelry is nothing short of magical. It begins with the careful layering of colorful dichroic glass, which is then subjected to the fiery embrace of a kiln, with temperatures soaring above 1400 degrees.

This isn’t a one-time affair. The glass is fired multiple times, often four or five, to achieve that perfect dance of light and color.

But the magic doesn’t end there. Once the glass showcases the desired brilliance, it’s time for the artists to shape this luminous canvas.

With precision and care, each piece is cut, molded, and polished, transforming the glass into exquisite pieces of jewelry or decorative bowls. Each piece, with its unique color combinations, creates a one-of-a-kind object.

Dichroic glass material has been found in some Roman glass pieces from the 4th century. This ancient dichroic glass contained colloidal gold and silver particles dispersed in the glass matrix, allowing it to display a specific transmitted color and a completely different reflected color.

Modern dichroic glass became available due to materials research by NASA and its contractors, who initially developed it for dichroic filters in US space ships.

Mountain Made Gallery – Inside the Grove Arcade – Downtown Asheville NC

We invite you to come by Mountain Made Gallery, in downtown Asheville, and discover a treasure trove of handcrafted dichroic glass jewelry. Whether it’s a gift for a loved one or a treat for yourself, each piece from Renaissance is a testament to craftsmanship, dedication, and the magic of dichroic glass.

Discover the Artistry of Handcrafted Glass Night Lights by Jason Probstein

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Modern LED Light Creations by
Master Scientific Glassblower Jason Probstein

Have you ever wondered about the art and history behind the night lights that illuminate our homes?

Come follow us as we dive into the world of Jason Probstein, a master glassblowing artist, known for his unique lampworked glass creations that beautifully merge tradition with modern LED innovation. (more…)

Autumn Art for Everyone – Just in Time for Fall Fun

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Say farewell to flip-flops, and hello to Asheville’s Autumn Art!

Check out our autumn art selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade arts and crafts pieces from some of the best local Western North Carolina artists.

We invite you to come by Mountain Made and check out our huge range of beautiful and affordable Autumn Art that we have for sale.

See for yourself just a few of our awesome autumn arts and crafts … We have something wonderful for just about everyone.

From Handblown Glass Pumpkins, to Carved Gourd Birds…


Ceramic Planter Pockets (Wall-mounted Planters)

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ceramic wall-mounted planters

Uncommon Ceramic Wall-Mounted Planters
with Whimsical Critters

Discover the charm of these ceramic wallscape planters, also called plant pockets or wall flower pots, meticulously handcrafted by the renowned North Carolina ceramic artist, Tamara Waggoner.

These creatively designed planters make a beautiful yet space-efficient addition to any living space, whether it be a house, apartment, condo, or home office.

Tamara’s artwork is deeply inspired by nature. Each piece she creates is unique and encourages you to touch and feel the various textures she uses.

Tamara’s sculpted ceramic wall pockets serve a dual purpose; they can be used as interior decorative pieces for holding your mail or as functional plant containers.

They can even be mounted outdoors as flower pots or for faux or artificial plant holders. They have the potential to transform any wall or hallway into a charming display of casual elegance.

These planters are particularly suitable for growing cooking herbs such as chives, oregano, sage, thyme and rosemary. Basil, parsley, cilantro, fennel, dill, and lemon balm are also easy herbs to grow indoors from seed.

With these handcrafted hanging planters, you can conveniently grow your favorite herbs throughout the year in your own kitchen.

The plant pockets are also well-suited for succulents, air plants, small cacti, as well as and dried floral arrangements.

What are Ceramic Wall Planters (Plant Pockets)?

These planters are made from premium pottery clay called stoneware which gives them their robust nature. They are glazed for a durable finish, ensuring their longevity both indoors and outdoors.

As unique wall adornments, these planters are individually hand-sculpted and are ideal for small accent walls, bathrooms, bedrooms, or any narrow walkway. They also work well as a pair for larger wall spaces above sofas, over doorways, or as a functional office wall organizer.

Each planter is lightweight and comes with a hole for easy mounting. They can be effortlessly installed on almost any wall or vertical surface using the appropriate mounting hardware.

It’s worth noting that the dimensions of Tamera’s planters can vary, with an average depth of 3-5 inches and a width of approximately 8-9 inches.

Every plant pocket is a unique piece, showcasing a rustic yet sophisticated design. Tamara’s ceramics draw inspiration from nature, featuring delightful “critters” with vibrant finishes, adding a decorative touch to any indoor or outdoor space.

Keep in mind that our stock is limited, so for the best selection, please drop by our gallery before it’s too late.

We encourage you to come by Mountain Made Gallery (in downtown Asheville NC) and see these beautiful creations for yourself > Directions to Mountain Made.

Our Annual “Scratch & Dent” Sale – All Labor Day Weekend [2023]

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We invite you to our 7th Annual…

Sale starts Friday, Sept 1st – ends Monday, 4th

What is a Scratch and Dent Sale?

Well this means  that we have gone through our basement store room, searched under all our cabinet “hidey holes” for any “secret” art treasures that might be slightly scratched, dented, missing a piece, lightly chipped, or even cracked.

We’ll have all of our “Scratch & Dent” sale items set up on TWO Fabulous tables inside the gallery – everything on our tables have been priced to sell – selected items are discounted from 50% to 75% off!

We invite you to browse these “lightly damaged” works of art. Many of these are so cool, that we’ve been slapping hands to keep the staff from digging inside the boxes looking for their own treasure!

So come by and take home a treasure of your own!

After all what’s a bit of a boo-boo when it comes to getting some great art?

=>> Directions to Mountain Made Art Gallery<<=


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