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Mountain Made Gallery Book Signing Spotlights Local Women Writers

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Celia Miles (left), Nancy Dillingham (right)

Women Writers’ Book Signing – July 31th
Saturday, 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.

Mountain Made Gallery will be hosting a book signing for some of our most popular  WNC women writers: Celia Miles, Nancy Dillingham, Jeanne Charters and Nancy Werking Poling.

The books from these wonderful women writers ranges from fun, “who-done-it” murder mysteries, to contemporary poetry; from gripping cutting edge novels to thought provoking non-fiction lifetime stories… (more…)

Abstract Portraits by WJ Cunn

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 WJ Cunningham paintings

“Summer Bonnet” by WJ Cunningham

WJ Cunningham is a fine art painter who works primarily in acrylics. His work is blend of abstract and portrait painting using elegant shapes, lines and forms. Even is small bird still life’s are captivating.

While his portrait colors are often muted, his style is boldly expressive and vivid.  And he always paints his subjects with a tender brush.


Stunning Nature Photography by Catherine “Kitsy” Stratton

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Catherine “Kitsy” Stratton was born in the Lowcountry of South Carolina. Born Catherine Anne Cartwright Stratton, she is the third daughter of the well-known Mount Pleasant artists, Catherine “Taffy” Stratton and Weston “Nick” Stratton.

While Kitsy’s two older sisters earned art degrees and taught art, Kitsy decided to take a much different path.

She studied science and earned a Bachelor degree in Physics. In 1981, Kitsy moved to Asheville to begin her 22-year career at NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) where she worked as an as a Physical Scientist in was then called the National Climatic Data Center.

In 1990, Kitsy took a deep interest in photography when she began taking pictures of her young daughter and infant son.

While on a trip to Charleston, SC for training in 1993, she came across a calendar of scenic photos by popular nature photographer Tom Blagden.

After reading the back of the calendar she learned what type of camera, lenses, and film Blagden used.

During spring break that year, she arranged to have her kids stay with their grandparents, bought two rolls of slide film and headed out into the wilds of the low country to take her first nature photographs.

These prints are made from updated scans of those early slides. Please watch this slideshow of Kitsy work for yourself.

Our July 4th – Red, White & Blue Public Interactive Art Project [Make a Patriotic Hat!]

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Make Your Own Patriotic Hat at Our Public Interactive Art Event

We are still unable to host our live art project demos yet, but we refuse to let the 2021 Independence Day go uncelebrated without art!

So for July 4th, we are hosting our first 2021 Public Interactive Art Event. This year we are inviting you to come by Mountain Made, purchase and then create your own designs on a sun hat in Patriotic colors using alcohol and indelible ink markers.

What is Alcohol Ink Art?

Alcohol ink art is the technique of using highly-pigmented (i.e. brightly colored) inks, along with 96% Isopropyl alcohol to create wispy, flowing design on a very fast drying medium such as paper or fabric.

Dyeing fabric with marker pen ink and alcohol is super fast and fun to do. This easy to do technique allows anyone to create colorful designs on just about any kind of white clothing, even a hat.


You can purchase a white fabric sun visor for only $4.00 to use in this special 4th of July art project! We recommend that you and your family come by early since supplies are limited – we have only 100 hats for sale!

This event will be open 4th of July weekend: Sat from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm & Sunday, Noon to 5:00 pm.

Check out for yourself how fun this colorful art technique can be…

Fine Art “Medieval-Style” Angel Paintings by Mimi von Litolff

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Gilded Medieval Angel Paintings - Mimi von Litolff

Mimi von Litolff’s Fine Art Gilded Angel Series
Comes to the Mountain Made Gallery

Mimi von Litolff has been an award-winning Gallery Artist for the past sixteen years. Her work has appeared in collections in New York, Palm Beach, Atlanta, Albuquerque, Santa Fee, Taos, Houston, Naples, and Sanibel, Florida.

For two years running her series of “Medieval style” angels received top honors in “God in The Arts”, Taos, NM, Peoples Choice, 1995 and First Runner Up, 1996.

We here at Mountain Made are very happy that she has chosen us to display her work now that she is living and working in the Asheville area. (more…)