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Wooden Spoons – Hand Carved from Local WNC Hardwoods

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Live Art Demo – Saturday August 10th, 2019

Starting at 11:00 AM

Wooden Spoons by Fran “the Spoon Man” Chicoine

We are proud to announce a new line of wooden kitchen tools here at the Mountain Made gallery – Rose Creek Spoons.


Rose Creek Spoons are wooden spoons that have been individually hand carved. They made from select Appalachian Mountain hardwoods such as Dogwood, Mt Laurel and Black Walnut.

They are carefully sanded, polished and finished using only with walnut oil and beeswax, so they safe for daily use and gentle on all cookware. (more…)

New Painters – At Mountain Made

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This is just really brief note to let you know about some of the great new painters we have welcomed to the Mountain Made family. We will be doing more detailed write-ups about each artist a bit later on.

But for now we just wanted you to see the work of these four wonderful artists:

Jenean Hornbuckle

Stanton Allaben

Elizabeth Lasley

Traci Luther

What is an Art Walk?

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“What is the Downtown Asheville Art

Walk All About?”

First, What is an Art Walk?

Just about any size city, town or hamlet, nowadays has an art walk of some kind. And the Asheville Downtown Art Walk is no different.

An Art Walk is basically a self-guided and self-paced tour of small studios, galleries or organizations that specialize in showcasing local arts and crafts.

An Art Walk can be held monthly, annually or quarterly.

Our art walk is run by an association of small downtown galleries, by a chamber of commerce or with just a handful of local merchants banding together. (more…)

Origami Paper Cranes by Jean Adams

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Live Art Demo – Origami Cranes by Jean Adams

We invite you (along with your friends and family) to drop by the Mountain Made gallery, Saturday, from 11am to 4pm to watch this wonderful artist at work.

Jean makes it all look so easy but after a lesson or two you’ll be able to create one of your own colorful peace cranes.


Did you know that Origami is the ancient Japanese art of paper folding.

According to some sources, “The orizuru, or paper crane, is a design that is considered to be the most classic of all Japanese origami.”

This is because an ancient Japanese legend promises that anyone who folds a thousand origami cranes will be granted a wish from heaven.

In Japan the crane is considered to be one of several a mystical entities and cranes were believed to live for a thousand years.

That is why the tradition of making a 1000 cranes is thought to bring good luck and peace…one paper crane for each year!

Jean Adam is a self-taught Origami crane artist and who has spent many a rainy day, gently perfecting this seemly simple craft.

Jean says,

“I work with natural objects, whether using river rocks, gemstones and crystals for “God’s Good Earth” business card holders, or folding origami cranes to combine with mountain laurel branches for mobiles….

Creativity began when we lived for 25 years without electricity or running water in a little cabin my husband built on a mountain top in Spring Creek.

I started out creating “Twiggy Bits” [desktop sculptures and card holders] with natural things I found while walking in the woods; I also folded origami on rainy days.

Now that I’m back on the grid in Asheville, I have space to expand my work. I am honored that people like to take home the things I love to make.”

Fine Art Ceramics by Tony Bledsoe

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fine art ceramics - tony bledsoe

Tony Bledsoe has been a professional potter for over 30 years and lives part-time in nearby Blowing Rock, NC.

He received a BFA (Bachelor in Fine Arts) with a double major in Ceramics and Photography from East Tennessee State University. He then went back to get a Master of Arts in Ceramics.

As you can see, he delights in creating whimsical pottery pieces with textured surfaces … often using cut out designs and unique ceramic glazes.

fine art ceramics - tony bledsoe

All of his hand thrown work is both beautiful and functional. They make great gift ideas as well as wonderful additions to any home or office decor.

We invite you come by Mountain Made (a downtown Asheville art gallery) and see Tony’s fine art pieces for yourself.

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