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Shadow Paper Cutting – a Timeless Craft by a Contemporary Artist

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Shadow Paper Cutting by Daniel Frisbee

“Art Nouveau Peacock”

Shadow Paper Cutting by Daniel Frisbee

As school children most of us remember gleefully cutting out snowflakes and Halloween pumpkins from folded paper.

But did you know that the art of cutting shapes out paper has its origins in ancient China?

This simple craft of cutting out designs in paper spread from China to other countries in Asia and Europe.

The craft of “Scherenschnitte”, which means “scissor cuts” is derived from the technique of cutting out one piece of paper in a continuous design.

This style of paper cutting is still a popular folk artform found in many German-speaking countries such as Austria, Belgium, Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

It is a believed that this love of paper cutouts way brought to America with the Pennsylvania Dutch, a cultural group that was actually formed of German immigrants (not from the Netherlands) who settled in and around the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the 18th and 19th centuries.

Artist Daniel Frisbee

However, now this wonderful craft is undergoing a renaissance and modern artists like Daniel Frisbee are creating amazing art pieces of astonishing intricacy and complexity using little more than paper, a blade and raw talent.

Daniel refers to his style of paper cutting as “Shadow Paper Cutting”. Shadow paper cutting is a modern technique based on silhouettes.

But instead of using the more traditional theme of using solid blacks on a white background, Daniel highlights his subject matter by using hundreds of lace-like cutouts placed on a shimmering gold backdrop.

Daniel Frisbee will be demonstrating his wonderful imagery this Saturday, inside Mountain Made from 12PM to 3PM.


Mountain Made’s 20th Anniversary Party – THANKS EVERYONE!

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We just want to give a shout-out to all the local artists for the all of the contributions they have made in making our little company successful. And for those who have made the last 20 years just a joy!

Just a gallery of snapshots during the party…


Watercolor Paintings – by Asheville artist Sharyn Fogel

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Watercolor Paintings - by Asheville artist Sharyn Fogel
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I have quite an eye for finding that beauty in some bizarre places,” says watercolor painter Sharyn Fogel.

She goes on to say,

“I was born in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

Eventually I will die here (not anytime soon, I hope.)

In the meantime I intend to paint everything about this area that I love.

That includes mountains, trees, old chairs, white squirrels, barns, houses and anything else that catches my eye.

WNC is my home.

I have no plans to leave…but I do plan to paint anything that’s not moving.”

Watercolor Paintings - by Asheville artist Sharyn Fogel

Sharyn Fogel is an award-winning artist who creates watercolor landscapes that vividly capture the natural beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains and the surrounding Western North Carolina (WNC) countryside.

She has been painting professionally since 1977. Her watercolors will draw you into a wonderful world full of vibrant colors and soothing scenic vistas.

Her artwork is so engaging that some have said that her paintings are like having a “colorful window into the outdoors”.

We invite you to come by the Mountain Made gallery, in downtown Asheville, this Saturday afternoon from 12 to 3, and watch her live art demo.

…. (more…)

Inside the Artist’s Studio with Painter Joy Dorr

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Foggy Mountain by Joy Dorr

As you might know we frequently publish what we like to call our Inside the Artist’s Studio column. In each article we connect with a featured artist by asking them select questions and showcasing their work.

This month we are doing things a bit differently.

Friend at Mission Hospital Showing Off Joy Dorr’s Work

We want to share with you the work of Alcohol Ink painter Joy Dorr, whose has four paintings on permanent display at Mission Hospital’s new North Tower at part of Mission’s “Art of Caring” exhibit.

Art in hospitals has been proven to contribute to better mental health, faster healing and overall comfort of patients.

So early in the planning stages of Mission Hospital’s new North Tower the administration decided to focus not only on developing a state-of-the-art healing facility but also in supporting the Western North Carolina community by commissioning artwork from our great local artists.

We are proud that Mountain Made gallery artist Joy Dorr was one of the chosen few.

What did you do when you first heard your artwork was accepted for Mission Hospital’s Art of Caring? How do you feel about having your displayed in the hospital?

I called my husband-he has always encouraged me-he built my studio! So it was a great moment for us. I am honored to be a part of this exhibition.

The concept so aligns with my goal as an artist to inspire and lift up others with edifying images. To surround people who may be in physical and/or emotional pain with peaceful distractions and offer a small measure of hope.

Also what is amazing is that my four paintings are displayed on the floor where one of my best friends works as a nurse. That was a blessing for both of us.

Joy goes on to say,  “Living in Asheville, I am surrounded by the colors and textures of the mountains.  The views are inspiring and I try to bring some version of the images I see to the canvas. Above are 2 of the 4 paintings I sold to Mission Hospital.  Both are 40″ by 60″ on canvas.” (more…)

Asheville Artist Lisa Ring’s Mermaid Series (2022)

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Mermaid Art by Lisa Ring

“NEW Mermaid Art Series Creating a Big Splash at MOUNTAIN MADE”

Traveling in WNC  this fall? Come View The NEW Mermaid Series by Master Artist Lisa Ringelspaugh-Irvine. Her Sublime Mixed Media Series will Showcase 10 Unique Mermaid Portraits at MOUNTAIN MADE, a downtown Asheville Art Gallery.

The first words most of our gallery say when first viewing the new mixed media Mermaid Series on exhibit at MOUNTAIN MADE by Lisa Ringelspaugh-Irvine is “striking” or “stunning”.

According to gallery owner/manager, Melinda Knies, “Lisa’s work is just spectacular. The first time I saw her Mermaid series under light, I thought it was stunningly beautiful and almost exploding with colors!”

About the Artist Lisa Ring (Ringelspaugh-Irvine)

Lisa Ringelspaugh-Irvine says, ” I have become fascinated with the idea of Mermaids. I started painting these images about 10 or so years ago.”

“I think they are beautiful reminders that we need to clean up and protect all the lakes, rivers and oceans in the world. Our very lives depend on it.”

“There have always been legends and ancient stories of Mermaids from all over the world like Brazil, Europe, Cuba and Africa to name a few. I am slowly learning them all.”

“I like that it is a feminine energy, like Mother Earth herself. Are they one and the same? I don’t know yet. My Mermaids have much to teach me still.”


Click link below to view a short video on Lisa Ringelspaugh-Irvine ‘s 2012 Mermaid Series

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