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Watercolor Paintings – by Asheville artist Sharyn Fogel

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Watercolor Paintings - by Asheville artist Sharyn Fogel
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I have quite an eye for finding that beauty in some bizarre places,” says watercolor painter Sharyn Fogel.

She goes on to say,

“I was born in the mountains of Western North Carolina.

Eventually I will die here (not anytime soon, I hope.)

In the meantime I intend to paint everything about this area that I love.

That includes mountains, trees, old chairs, white squirrels, barns, houses and anything else that catches my eye.

WNC is my home.

I have no plans to leave…but I do plan to paint anything that’s not moving.”

Watercolor Paintings - by Asheville artist Sharyn Fogel

Sharyn Fogel is an award-winning artist who creates watercolor landscapes that vividly capture the natural beauty of the Great Smoky Mountains and the surrounding Western North Carolina (WNC) countryside.

She has been painting professionally since 1977. Her watercolors will draw you into a wonderful world full of vibrant colors and soothing scenic vistas.

Her artwork is so engaging that some have said that her paintings are like having a “colorful window into the outdoors”.

We invite you to come by the Mountain Made gallery, in downtown Asheville, this Saturday afternoon from 11 to 4, and watch her live art demo.

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Do You Love Locally Made Arts & Crafts as Much As We Do?

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American Craft Week Oct 4th – 13th, 2019

Often people wonder if the arts and crafts sold here at Mountain Made are actually “made here, in the mountains”?

The answer is always yes!

As part of our mission, we only work with local artists we know. People who live and work here in Western North Carolina, who have come by our gallery and shown us their work.

It’s those face-to-face connections and personal relationships with our local craftspeople that allows us to offer artwork that is so unique and unusual.

This why we are proud to sponsor for the 2019 American Craft Week celebration. This will be our 10th year also as a hosting participant!

With this in mind, we will have special displays showcasing 10 categories of work by our wonderful WNC artists:

  1. Wood
  2. Metal
  3. Pottery
  4. Jewelry
  5. Furniture
  6. Photography
  7. Books & Music
  8. Fiber & Textiles
  9. Glass Art & Ornaments
  10. Painting & Mixed Media


Also in honor of American Craft Week, the Mountain Made gallery will be hosting LIVE art demonstrations by two great local artists: Nan Davis and Jason Probstein.


Nan Davis: Asheville Fine Art Painter – Tuesday Oct 8, 2019.


Jason Probstein: Asheville Scientific Glass Blower – Oct 4-7, 2019 and Oct 10-13, 2019.


Don’t forget to come by and check out all our other wonderful art for yourself…

Click this link to watch our special ACW video!


Cherokee Landscape Paintings – Jenean Hornbuckle

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Landscape Paintings - Jenean Hornbuckle

WNC Landscapes by Cherokee Painter Jenean Hornbuckle

Mountain Made gallery is happy to welcome Cherokee landscape painter, Jenean Hornbuckle. Jenean paints some the best mountain landscapes in oil on canvas, we have seen.

She believes that her extraordinary ability to capture the beautiful or our Western North Carolina mountains and to see their hidden power has been passed down over the years from her Cherokee ancestors.

Landscape Paintings - Jenean Hornbuckle

She says that she has “a genetic memory (that) exists on a cellular level and is passed down from generation to generation,” a connection honored by her family.

Jenean’s mother was a Cherokee Nation citizen from Oklahoma, and her father was a member of Eastern Cherokee from the mountains of North Carolina.

Jenean was born on the Qualla Boundary near Cherokee NC. The Qualla Boundary is not a “reservation” but a territory held as a land trust for the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians.

Landscape Paintings - Jenean Hornbuckle

Jenean says, “I’ve lived my life in western North Carolina and there’s no place I’d rather be than on a creek side or mountain top.

I paint to entice the viewer to go out and find these places and to experience the land. To listen to the quiet.

I heard a quote once that inspires my work: ‘I can not leave here, the land knows me.’

Her father worked as a forester, protecting and preserving the mountains, and Jenean’s paintings also preserve the beauty of the mountains, in artistic form.

While the aesthetics of her paintings come from traditional Cherokee culture, she developed her technical skills in college classes where she worked to earn her fine arts degree.

If you are interested in seeing the mountains of


Free Interactive Public Art Event – Back to School Collage

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Did you know that a Collage: (from the French: coller, “to glue”) is a technique used in the visual arts.

Collages are created from an assembling and then gluing different forms of media and using them to create a new whole new piece of art!

So we invite you to come by Mountain Made, Saturday 24th, from 11am to 4pm and help us create a one-of-a-kind art work (we’ll even let you sign your name to it!)

Cherokee Leaf Pounding – Art Quilts by Asheville Artist Bonnie Lucas


Live Art Demo – Saturday 8/17/2019

11:00 AM – 4:00 PM

Quilts made from Pounding Leaves & Flowers?

Among our Mountain Made artists, Bonnie Lucas is one of our better known master quilters.

In 2014, Bonnie was selected as a semifinalist among 405 other contestants in the American Quilter’s Society QuiltWeek. The American Quilter’s Society’s quilter’s contest is now in its 31th year. Cherokee leaf pounding quilting is her of her specialties.

While Bonnie uses many different techniques in her quilted pieces, one of her most popular quilting techniques found here at Mountain Made, starts with a technique Bonnie calls “Cherokee Leaf Pounding”.

Leaf pounding, also known as “plant pounding or hammered prints” is a seemly simple, yet stunningly beautiful technique originally used by Native American Cherokee women to decorate and dye their fabrics using flowers.


As the Cherokees before her, Bonnie uses actual flowers, leaves, and even weeds in her works! The colors and veining in the resulting quilt pieces are actual pigments and dyes from the plants or leaves themselves.

Each in her unique quilts also has designs picked out using a machine-thread technique. It is applied over the border of the plant outline for a more rustic and organic texture.


Bonnie Lucas

We invite you come by and see Bonnie create her quilts during one of our live art demo on Saturday here at Mountain Made and check out her Leaf Pounding Quilts for yourself.

Inside the Artist’s Studio

Mountain Made gallery is happy to share her thoughts and artistic viewpoints as part of our continuing series “Inside the Artist’s Studio.”





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