Bear Art Prints & Paintings by Melanie Christian

Bear Art - Ma & Pa Black Bear - Melanie Christian
“North Carolina American Gothic”

Homage Bear Art by Melanie Christian

Retired art teacher, Melanie Christian has always admired great works of art found thoughout history. So when she moved from Savannnah, Georgia to Asheville in 2021, she decided share her love of all her favorite paintings as well as her new reverance for our local bear population, when she painted her “North Carolina American Gothic” bears inspired by painter Grant Wood.

Melanie is well known for are her pastiche (pronounced pa·steesh) paintings and prints. Unlike parody art which mocks or makes fun of the style of the selected artists, pastiche pays homage and respect to the work it imitates.

She has created works inspired by Van Gogh to Leonardo da Vinci, colorul prints by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama to work by American illustrator Norman Rockwell,

We invite to check out Melanie’s honage paintings and prints inspired by Norman Rockwell, Vincent Van Gogh, Leonardo da Vinci, Grant Wood…


If you are intrigued by Melanie’s artwork, we invite you to come by Mountain Made gallery (inside the Grove Arcade, downtown Asheville) to check out her whimsical bear prints and original paintings for yourself.

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