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“Is All this Art Locally Made?” – The Question (Almost) Everyone Always Asks

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“Are all your arts and crafts made here in Western North Carolina?”

Due to the outstanding craftsmanship of the art and crafts available in our gallery, almost everyone secretly wonders, “How can something so beautiful be locally made, especially here in [the backwoods of] North Carolina?”

The answer is yes!

As a local Asheville art gallery, we showcase a variety of different arts and crafts – all produced in Asheville and the surrounding Western North Carolina mountains.  We are always looking for the best and  our gallery features the works of over a 150 accomplished craftsmen, writers, musicians and artisans – in both contemporary and traditional mountain arts and crafts.

Below is a partial list of the kind of artworks that we have currently on display in our shop. If you have any questions about contemporary mountain arts or any of our artisans, then please contact us for assistance:

  • handcrafted artisan jewelry made from gems, beads & precious metals
  • fine ceramic art and hand-thrown earthen pottery,
  • hand-sewn quilted wall hangings
  • gourd art & woven baskets,
  • hand-turned bowls & wooden accent pieces,
  • original wall art and paintings,
  • whimsical metal garden art,
  • blown glass goblets and pitchers, plus fused & stained glass art,
  • plus books and music CDs by our local authors and musicians.


Fun Bamboo Serving Platters by Caroline Greiner

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Bamboo Platters – Great Gift for the Foodies in Your Life

We want to give a big welcome to our newest Mountain Made artist, Caroline Greiner. We love her work because she has taken beautiful handcrafted bamboo serving platters and along with colorful resin and hand “painted” wonderful water-scapes on each one.

We think her platters look like miniature sand and surf scenes … just the kind of outdoor settings we all are waiting to indulge in this summer.

Check them out for yourself and let us know what you think. We invite you come by or contact us since we only have a very limited supply.

Caroline says, “I was born and raised in Montpellier, France. Influenced by my family a true passion for the arts and international business developed at a very young age. I have earned a business degree from my country of origin and came to the United State after graduating in 1991.

I arrived in the United States and obtained a beautician license – in 3 States – and have owned and operated my own salon for over 11 years. I have been married for 22 years, and am a mother of twins.

I have always been a nature lover and while living in Florida I have over the years collected lots of sea glass and designed my own jewelry line as well as beauty products that I used in my salon.

When we moved to Asheville, NC I was still creating jewelry for my clients but then I discovered a new passion for WOOD.

One day at church I discovered that fellow church trustee, Don Stucker was a wood worker and turner. I asked if he would teach me more about his craft. Soon his passion for woodworking became mine as well. I am still learning from him today.

When I see a piece of wood my creative thoughts go beyond the bark and I start designing the piece first in my mind. I work in my little woodshop studio (a.k.a. my garage). I love the beauty that comes out of each piece and how each different piece has its own personality.

I have found that even a piece from a firewood pile can be turn into a beautiful work of art. My friends now even send me pictures of trucks full of trees and ask me if they should high jack them so I can have the wood to create some more!”



Spring is Coming – We Have New Flower-themed Arts and Crafts

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Flower Artwork from Mountain Made Gallery

Did you remember that Spring starts next Saturday, March 20, 2021? I know…we almost forgot, too. So much of 2020 has been doom and gloom. Months of uncertainty and worries and rightfully so.

Yet Mother Nature is moving forward. From the bitter chills, ills and hard feelings of 2020 back into the sunlight of the world.  Did you know that natural sunlight can:

  • Improve your sleep cycles. …
  • Reduce stress. …
  • Maintain strong bones. …
  • Help keep the weight off. …
  • Strengthen your immune system. …
  • Fight off depression. …
  • Can give you a longer life?

So Spring is Coming!  And here are some of the new spring-themed pieces our wonderful Asheville and WNC artists have to offer… (more…)

Paper Earrings by Asheville Artist Madeline Parker
(1st Wedding or Paper Anniversary Gift)

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(1st Wedding or Paper Anniversary Gift)

Paper Anniversary Gift Ideas

A 1st wedding anniversary is referred to as a Paper Anniversary.

This tradition seems to date back to the Victorian Era (1837-1901), when married couples would celebrated the end of their first year of living together (we hope wedded bliss) by offering each other gifts made from paper.

In the Victorian era, wallpapers became the focal design element in almost every home in England.  This was in part due to the induction of machine printing and the repeal of the infamous “Wallpaper” tax.

Yes, a wallpaper tax.

The wallpaper tax had effectively limited wallpapers for everyone but the very wealthy in England for over 124 years.

So it has been suggested that it was this new found freedom that lead to Britain’s giddy obsession with wallpapers – from traditional English to French and designs from the Far East to huge panoramic floor to ceiling panels during this time.

And so it is thought that it was this huge surplus of scrap wallpaper material that turned “paper jewelry” making into a popular hobby.

And perhaps some of those first paper jewelry pieces became part of someone’s Paper Anniversary!

Why Paper for the 1st Anniversary?

A paper gift was thought to a way to remind the couple of both the fragile and modest beginnings of their marriage since paper is vulnerable to fire and water.

And why no matter how modest or humble their union’s beginning, like paper if their relationship was properly protected and taken care of it could last a lifetime.

With this idea in mind, we are glad to showcase the latest paper earring jewelry from Madeline Parker.

Click on an image to enlarge the view…

We invite you to come by Mountain Made to check out this wonderful artists work for yourself…Or call us  828 – 350 – 0307 and we can help your select and ship any of our products to you.


Jerald Pope – Local Author & Artist Winner of 1st Prize at North Street Book Contest

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“Fetch” – 1st Prize Winner – Best Children’s Book


Local writer and Jerald Pope of Swannanoa (near Asheville NC) was awarded the first prize for Best Children’s Book for his wordless picture book, “Fetch” at the North Street Book Content (2020).

The sixth annual North Street Book’s 2020 contest had entries from around the world. Jerald’s other wordless novel, “Owl Girl,” was a also finalist in the same contest last year, making him only one of three authors to achieve this!

Fetch tells the story of an old man and his shaggy dog go out to a windswept field of tall grass to chase a ball…one last time. This gentle story will speak to readers of all ages who have lost a loved one.

This wordless story is one that you will want to read time and time again and share with those you love. A wonderful book for those whose hearts have been touched by the love that dogs so freely share. (more…)