Discover the Rustic Charm of Muddy Llama Pottery, From Earth to Art

Cathey Chet’s Ceramics: A Blend of Art and Utility

Are you a lover of unique, handcrafted pottery that blends artistry with everyday practicality? Look no further. Cathey Chet, a dedicated potter since 2008, has been transforming simple clay into extraordinary pieces of art.

By day, Cathey is a passionate school teacher, but as the sun sets, she dives into the wonderful world of pottery in Muddy Llama studio.

About her studio name “Muddy Llama”, Cathey says, “We have two llamas, Moon Shadow and Eclipse. They are each 6 years old and are about as friendly as they come. When given opportunity they love to join me in the studio and check out what I’m doing!”

Cathey creates practicable stoneware that is as functional as it is beautiful. Cathy says, “I create and sell handmade utilitarian stoneware that can be used in your home daily.”


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Cathey’s creations are deeply rooted in the natural world, drawing inspiration from the serene forests and majestic mountains that cradle her home in Zirconia NC. This connection to nature is evident in her choice of earth-tone colors and natural forms, evoking a sense of calm and grounding in every piece.

Her journey in pottery has been influenced by the rich pottery traditions here in Western North Carolina as well the foothills, further enriched by her family’s regular pilgrimages to Seagrove, NC, a renowned center for ceramic creativity.

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Through years of trial and error, Cathey has developed a distinctive rustic line of stoneware dishes, bakers, and mugs. Each piece showcases her unique style, characterized by simple yet elegant glazes, perfect for everyday use.

Beautiful and Durable Coffee Mugs

But what we feel truly sets Cathey’s pottery apart is its blend of beauty and practicality. While every item in her collection is dishwasher safe and lead-free, ensuring safety and ease of use, each is unique in it’s own right with natural earth-tones and flowing shapes.

Imagine serving your family meals in these stunning yet sturdy dishes, or sipping your morning coffee from one of her beautifully handcrafted mugs?

Don’t miss the opportunity to own a piece of Cathey Chet’s exquisite pottery! We invite you to visit our online store today to explore her collection and bring a touch of rustic elegance to your home.

Each purchase not only enhances your daily life but also supports a dedicated artisan in continuing her passionate craft. Shop now and experience the unique charm of Cathey Chet’s pottery!

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