[Still] Got Them Old Pandemic Blues – A New Poem by Nancy Dillingham

We were all excited. The vaccines were coming … the vaccines were coming… Yay!

Americans would start being kind to each other again.

We would become a band of brothers and sisters – fighting the good fight against that awful COVID Killer.

Then the news came from the CDC (US Center for Disease Control) that the first dosages were to be given to:

  • our heroic healthcare workers,
  • the enduring essential workers,
  • and seniors who have been virtually held hostage in their long term care facilities.

So this means that many of us will not getting a COVID-19 vaccine shot until mid or late summer.


The wonderful poem below – written for us by one of our most popular local authors Nancy Dillingham – expresses the seesaw of emotions we feel just about everyone is experiencing right about now.

“Got Them Old Pandemic Blues”

by Nancy Dillingham

Hair gone bad
can’t find my shoes
don’t know anyone
got nothing to lose

Masses of masked strangers
roaming round the house
all getting high
on hand sanitizer

For many months now
I’ve been undercover
even the mailman
is looking like a lover

Sometimes I feel
like I’ve been in Hell
even the election
failed to jell

An orange man in Washington
some call Trump
has hijacked the White House
and taken our country

But I’m starting to get keen
on some recent news I’ve seen
a little elf named Fauci
talking vaccines

Now I feel like it’s time
for all of us to come clean
bust out of quarantine
against COVID-19


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