Pressed Flower Earrings – Discover the Alluring Beauty of “Forever Flower” Jewelry

Live Art Demo by Julie Larson – Saturday, May 4 from 12-4pm

Have you ever marveled at the natural charm of pressed flower art?

Over the ages, artists have taken this eco-friendly art form, to transform one of nature’s most vibrant elements — flowers — into stunning artistic creations.

But Julie Larson takes dried or pressed flowers and turns their delicate petals into timeless pieces of jewelry. Her handcrafted earrings capture the essence of a flower’s short-lived natural beauty in a way that you can cherish forever.

The Ancient History of Dried Flowers as Art & Jewelry

Dried flowers have long held a place in the world of art and decoration, their history stretching back centuries. Initially used for their fragrance and medicinal properties, dried flowers eventually found their way into the world of artistry and fashion.

However it in was in the Victorian era, that floral motifs became particularly popular in jewelry, with dried flowers often being encased in glass lockets and brooches as mementos or symbols of love and remembrance.

In more recent times, the use of dried flowers has evolved beyond traditional arrangements and decorations. Artists like Julie have pioneered ways to incorporate these delicate pieces of nature into wearable art.

Dried or pressed flower jewelry not only preserves the beauty of the blooms but also offers a sustainable alternative to conventional jewelry materials.

Julie Larson: A Master of Pressed Flower Jewelry

Julie Larson, a well-known artist based in Western North Carolina, has been turning her passion for gardening and nature into exquisite pieces of jewelry for over a quarter of a century.

Her earrings created under under her studio name, “Larson Design Naturals”, began from a simple love for the garden she nurtured. Julie explains, “Over 25 years ago, I began drying flowers from my garden which I then laminated, cut out by hand and made into earrings.”

Julie’s innovative approach to jewelry extends to her sourcing methods as well—integrating ethically sourced butterfly wings from Peru into her designs.

These wings are gathered from butterfly farms that practice sustainable farming to aid local communities, ensuring that her creations are not only beautiful but also beneficial to the environments they come from.

Her popular wearable flower art have always charmed visitors to Mountain Made, showcasing her commitment to celebrating the fantastic diversity and beauty of the natural world through her creations.

Experience Dried Flower Jewelry Being Created LIVE!

If you’re captivated by the allure of dried flower jewelry and want to see how these delicate pieces are crafted, we have a fantastic opportunity for you.

Julie Larson will be demonstrating her art in an upcoming live demonstration, Saturday, May 4 from 12-4pm. This is your chance to witness the intricate process of turning real flowers and butterfly wings into stunning pieces of jewelry.

We invite you to come by Mountain Made (a downtown Asheville Art Gallery) to watch as Julie brings her botanical inspirations to life, offering insights into the techniques she uses to preserve and enhance the natural beauty of dried flowers.

It’s not just an artist demonstration; it’s an invitation for you and your family to explore the endless possibilities of what can be achieved when nature meets creativity.

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