Silver Compass Jewelry by Kate Stockman

Kate Stockman’s “Secret” Compass Pendants

Imagine stepping into the quiet solitude of an artist’s studio, where the light dances across intricate pieces of sterling silver, most pieces delicately holding a semi-precious gemstone.

Kate Stockman’s studio isn’t just a place of creation; it’s her sanctuary where each piece of her jewelry, is created from thoughtful and careful planning.

Her current Compass Jewelry collection have pendants are shaped like the four corners of a compass (with a secret mini compass secured on the back)!

It piece is crafted not only to adorn but to guide the wearer. According to Kate,

“We live in turbulent times. There is a lot rocking our world. As I try to find my sea legs it is helpful to focus on my own inner compass on which to set my sights and sails. This series honors the inner compass that points us in the right direction – what is right path for each of us.

The compass is a secret … one you can keep to yourself, held gently over your heart. The pendants that I have chosen for this series are shaped like the 4 corners of compasses. Beautiful in and of themselves, they will keep your compass safe and show you the way.”

Compass Symbolism and Craftsmanship Interwoven

In Kate’s hands, antique and vintage style elements are often reborn as stunning sterling silver pendants, each embedded with semi-precious stone like Malachite, Hematite, and Onyx.

These hidden compass pendants are more than accessories; they can become personal talismans, designed to be kept close to the heart, gently guiding the wearer towards their own true north. The compass design is central to Kate’s artistic vision, symbolizing guidance and the quest for one’s true path.

The Artistic Journey of Kate Stockman

Kate Stockman’s story is a vivid tapestry of change and creativity. After moving from the vibrant life of Charleston to the tranquil Blue Ridge Mountains, Kate found her calling in the rhythms of nature and the echoes of the past.

Her approach to jewelry making is deeply personal, focusing on “recycling” or “upcycling” items that others might overlook. This transformation of old into new is a metaphor for life’s continual renewal, a theme that deeply influences her work.

Explore Kate Stockman’s Jewelry at Mountain Made in Downtown Asheville NC

We invite you to immerse yourself in the newest collection of jewelry by Kate Stockman. Come by to see through her eyes the beauty and purpose embedded in each compass pendant.

Come by Mountain Made art gallery, when you are in downtown Asheville and connect with these tokens of beauty, personal navigation and discovery. Let us help you find the Compass Jewelry piece that not only complements your style but also aligns with your inner compass. Your true North awaits.

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