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Handmade Stained Glass Art by Kathy Goldstein

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“Live Art Demo, Saturday October 8, 2022

by Stain Glass Artist Kathy Goldstein”

Kathy Goldstein

Let’s be honest here…we love the stained glass pieces we get from Kathy Goldstein!

And we also know that our visitors love seeing her works in our gallery. People are always stopping in to check out her whimsical glass spider webs…

You might notice that Kathy’s spider webs all have a little 6 legged good luck spider perched delicately between a few strands. Just waiting to capture prosperity for the entire household.

Kathy says that her house spiders have had a a bit of tough life and that’s why they are missing 2 legs.

Is Stained Glass Art Fragile?

We have learned that most people often think that stain glass is super fragile and easily broken … That’s not true! When properly cared for Kathy’s artwork will last a lifetime.

This is why we think that stained glass artwork gets a bum rap.

In most people’s minds stained glass art should be reserved just for windows found in cathedrals or churches.

Yet contemporary glass artists like Kathy create beautiful yet durable stained glass pieces that are cheerful, fun and make a housewarming gift or a great pop of color for almost any office or business (including exterminators).

About the Artist Kathy Goldstein

Born in London, and then raised in New York City, Kathy Goldstein found her passion when she began to study Art.  In her diverse career, she has worked for a major company designing booklets and film strips, going on later to design ads for a local newspaper.

In 1981, Kathy started her stain glass career and never looked back. She moved to Hendersonville, NC in 1990 and continued to design her artwork, finding her inspiration in nature and specializing in 3-D birds and flowers.

Her real love is best seen through colorful 3-D spider webs, which have become some of her most popular pieces. Her art is enjoyed by those who love watching the sunlight reflecting through her webs from a window.

Kathy has demonstrated her stained glass techniques on local TV as well as here at Mountain Made.

Hopefully ,Kathy’s artwork will inspire you to consider a colorful web or two at home or come by Mountain Made Gallery to check out her work for yourself.


Kathy Goldstein at one of Mountain Made’s live art demos

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