Year 2020 Public Art Project Update – More Writings, COVID Rants & “Graffiti” from YOU, the People

As you might know, here at Mountain Made, we are hosting another of our slightly famous, “No Talent Required” Public Interactive Art Projects. This one is called “The Year 2020”. You can read more about it here > Year 2020 in Art.

Basically, an interactive art project is an a continuing event where YOU, the unsuspecting are lured into expressing your feelings through some type of public artwork.

Usually we offer some type of visual art like collages, doodles and finger-painting…yes, finger painting.

However, this year we decided to ask you for your own “graffiti” style painting along with poems, and short essays to express what you are feeling during this troubling time of COVID lockdowns, cultural changes and political uncertainties.

Through the touching artwork and writings you have shared with us – either live at the gallery or via email messages, we can see all the pains we all are experiencing laid out in the public project.

This is just a short update on what we have received so far…

The Year 2020 – Covid Rants & Writings

[Please click on an image to expand it for easier viewing]


The Year 2020 – Covid “Graffiti” Paintings




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