What is American Craft Week?

What is American Craft Week?

The purpose of American Craft Week is to recognize (and exhibit) the exceptional work of our professional craftspeople and artists here in Western North Carolina and around the county.

Check out this short video to learn more…

Ms. Melinda Knies, owner of the Mountain Made art gallery says, “We understand the economic impact that locally made arts and crafts can have on individual artists and local small retailers, however …“

“…We also recognize the almost forgotten power that watching a beautiful piece of art being made and then being able to touch the finished product has a deep emotional effect on people and can help +reverse the growing ‘low touch or no-touch’ trend found in our society today.”

American Craft Week is a project of the Craft Retailers & Artists for Tomorrow (CRAFT). CRAFT is a trade association which champions the business of handmade arts and crafts here in America.

This grassroots organization came together because the craft industry has in the past lacked a single way to make this particular creative economy more visible to the public.

CRAFT is an interesting blend of of individual artists, small retailers, art show providers, craft publications, suppliers and museums.

Melinda says, “American Craft Week is more than just a way to promote individual artists or the creative business as a whole – it is also a wonderful way for us to share our love of American made crafts and show our belief in the future our creative economy.“

“These pieces reflect the unique creativity and quality craftsmanship of our American artisans, especially those found here in the Asheville and Western North Carolina area…”

“…We hope that by championing those people working in the handmade craft business during American Craft Week, it will also inspire others to pursue a creative career at some point in their life.”

As we mentioned before as a proud sponsor and participant, Mountain Made will be hosting several live art demos and event by some of our artists during American Craft Week.


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