Metal Pumpkins – Jack O’ Lanterns for Halloween

Metal Pumpkins - Jack O' Lanterns for Halloween

Wickedly Fun Halloween Metal Art


Metal Pumpkins - Jack O' Lanterns for Halloween

Pumpkins Jack O’ Lanterns By Edwin Knies

Metal Jack O' Lanterns 

Halloween has long be celebrated by Americans carving pumpkins into the shape of alarming faces and figures to scare off the dead or evil spirits that are thought to ‘haunt’ the living during this ancient night.

According to history buffs immigrants from Ireland and Scotland traditionally used the turnip as the their carving veggie of choice only switching to the venerable “native pumpkin, which is both much softer and much larger – making it easier to carve than a turnip”.[Wiki]

But the metalwork pumpkins, monsters and mummies of Edwin Knies are easier still – Edwin while a new artist to Mountain Made, has been creating artworks most of his life.

He admits since graduating with degrees in communications and fine arts that there are few mediums he has not tried from photography, clay, mixed media and now metalwork.

Edwin’s metal Halloween people are charming and a great autumn decor piece – we invite you to come by the gallery to view his work in person, but if you can’t please watch this short video …


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