Welcome SoCon Basketball

Southern Conference Basketball Tourney

No matter who is your favorite Southern Conference team is, we invite you come by Mountain Made and check out our amazing collection of SoCon themed gift ideas!

First, we offer blown glass basketball sculptures: “Hot Hands, Cool Glass Collection” by local glassblower Terri Siglar.

SoCon Basketball - glass art for Southern Conference Basketball Tournament

Win or lose – you will be proud to own one of these awesome blown-glass sculptures as a souvenir of your time at SoCon.  Click on the images below to see what we mean…


And, for the first time this year we have a special collector’s edition of handcrafted wire basketball ornaments with the S.C. initials.

A great gift for a true SoCon fan, any hardworking basketball coach or a personal trophy for the player who just never calls it quits.

This a flat sculpture, perfect for hanging, handmade from silver-soldered copper wire. Each piece is approximately 3 inches in diameter.

[Directions from SoCon Basketball to Mountain Made Art Gallery]

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