Pottery Cookware for the COVID Quarantine

Handcrafted Pottery for Baking

Yes, we understand…due to the COVID Quarantine you are tried of eating your own cooking.

Well, why not try something new?

We have some wonderful pottery baking and cookware (along with companion recipes) just waiting for you to order and try out baking in ceramics.

Baking is ceramics is easy and we believe the resulting baked goods just plain taste better!

Did you know that a professor at Oxford University by the name of Charles Spencer thinks “When you sit down to eat with dishes made from clay, the tactile experience creates a feeling of home and nourishment”?

Here at Mountain Made, we can attest that some of our staff drinks coffee or tea every morning from hand thrown pottery and have baked perfectly made pies (sometimes) in clay cookware.

So we do like pottery for cooking.

Maybe it’s because we get to indirectly connect with nature; some might say “triggering a primal” response somewhere in our brains?

Well it really doesn’t matter… if you might like pottery for the feel, or its natural beauty or its easy-to-use functionality.

No matter what, we have some great pieces you might like available for sale online.

We have pottery from Cathy Chet…

Item Descriptions

$24 – Mixed Berry Pie for Two Dishes – colors: black & brown (4 ea), tan & brown (1 ea), blue & gray (3 ea), tan & green (2 ea), blue & green (1 ea)

$26 – Apple Crisp Baking Dishes – are a bit deeper than Pie for Two dishes so they hold more…yippee colors: green & tan (2 ea), blue & gray (2 ea)

$24 – Harvest Mugs – great for coffee, tea or oatmeal…yum! colors: blue& tan (4 ea), brown & tan (1 ea), green & tan (1 ea), dark browns (2 ea)

$16.50 – Garlic Graters – *Bestseller* Of course you can grate garlic but this nifty little guy is also great for ginger, shallots, nutmeg, nuts, or for zesting citrus! colors: brown & black (3 ea), blue & tan (6 ea) and shades of greens (4 ea)

All items are shipped via US Postal Service for just $8.50


  1. Email us using the contact form at the bottom of this page. Please No Phone Calls! There is no one at the gallery to answer.
  2. Tell us which piece you are looking to purchase. Note: If needed, we can share more photographs and descriptions to you via email or text message.
  3. Once you decide on what you want, we will call you back to get your credit card info
  4. We will securely package it and ship it out directly to your front door
  5. There, you’re done. That’s all there is to ordering from us.

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Until we meet again, stay safe, stay well.

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