Handcrafted Metal Crosses & Wall Sculptures

Well, we all understand that life has thrown a big, ole monkey wrench into our lives.For those of you who are nursing the sick or who maybe have lost loved ones…take our prayers from our hearts to yours.

For the “worried well” as the rest of us are called, when a wrench gets thrown there are still things we can do to help…
Be thankful for what we do have,
Do your part: stay home & please wash your hands,
Be grateful for the opportunity we have to learn from this crisis

And please offer your prayer for protection for the doctors, nurses, EMTs, police and military who are on the front lines!


And as we promised we will be continuing to showcase the works of our local artists.  The first is Edwin Knies who had created crosses out of several old wrenches he had laying around his shop.

As you can see these wonderful “reclaimed” metal wall sculptures are priced right, just in time for Easter or to offer as a gift to anyone you know who is in need.

Now here is another wonderful selection of smaller but no less beautiful metal sculpture by Chancer Reese.

Chancer’s work is made from vintage-style American cut nails, thick masonry nails and recycled horseshoe nails.

Shipping and handling will only be $3 (for Easter you know) plus we don’t charge any taxes for online orders.


  1. Email us using the contact form at the bottom of this page.
  2. Tell us which piece you are looking at: one of Edwin’s wench crosses or one of Chancer’s metal nail pieces.
  3. If needed, we can share more photographs and descriptions with you via email or text message.
  4. Once you decide on what you want, we get your credit card info for the purchase, then we will package it and ship it out directly to your front door.
  5. There, you’re done!

Until next we meet again, stay safe, stay well, stay home.

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