Original Mixed Media Abstract Art  by Daniel Frisbee

Live Art Demo with Artist Daniel Frisbee
Saturday 17, 2023 Juneteenth Weekend
12:00 PM – 3:00 PM

One of the Pieces in the Colorful “Flowers” Series

We are happy to present a new art series by Daniel Frisbee. These one-of-a-kind originals are affordably priced. We invite you to come by Mountain Made Gallery gallery and see these wonderful paintings for yourself…

Original Mixed Media Paintings by Daniel Frisbee

What Daniel says about his artwork:

“First and foremost, art comes from my heART! After trying tirelessly to make statements with
my work, have found that my inspiration does not come from how impress others, but how
honest am with myself. It has been a journey, but both the struggle and joy from creating makes
me, put simply, honest.

I stopped listening to what I call “back noise” in my head, and just listen to my heart. It speaks
volumes. I have found that what makes me happy as an artist and individual is to focus on life:
the experiences that have, not whether can be a successful artist.

I just want to create and give a perspective on love and life that is MY perspective, MY idea, and MY joy. That is what defines success for me … the love of my work. I no longer have doubts. I just create what I know, feel, and experience.”

How Abstract Artists Like Daniel Use Mixed Media

Abstract art doesn’t directly represent things from the real world, like people, objects, or landscapes.
Instead, it focuses on shapes, colors, patterns, and feelings.

Kind of like as a kid, we would look at the clouds in the sky and Imagine seeing various shapes looked like something else, like dogs, cats, people, even dragons. (Okay maybe it was just me who saw the dragon) Still abstract art can be a bit like that. It’s not about showing a picture of a specific thing, but more about capturing an idea, a feeling, or a sense of something.

Now on the other hand, mixed media art is when an artist uses more than one type of medium or material to make their artwork.

This means they’re not limited to just one thing, like paints and drawing.

For example, an artist might paint on a canvas and then glue pieces of paper or bits of clay onto that same canvas. They could even add everyday elements like pieces of mirror, or natural materials like leaves or sand. In other words, mixed media is about combination and experimentation.

The combination of mixed media and abstract art, allows an artist like Daniel to push their boundaries and try new things.

These wonderful collage paintings create pieces of art that has a lot of depth and complexity because of all the different materials Daniel has used.

His work is like a playground, where he gets to mix and match (or even mis-match) a lot of different things together to create something truly unique. So we invite, you to come by and check out Daniel

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