The Pumpkin Patch is Back! Metal Halloween Lanterns & Candles [Limited Number]

Halloween Party Ideas – Metal Lanterns & Pumpkin Spice Candles

Yes, once again local metal artist, Edwin Knies has taken time to create another boo-tastic pumpkin patch! Each “carved” pumpkin is made handcrafted from used tanks that were saved from the landfill and creatively upcycled into a wonderful work of metal art.

These metal heads make great outdoor lanterns to help guide (or chase away) your Halloween party guests. But remember Edwin only does a limited number of these “bad” boys, so you need to come by soon for the best selection.

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And while you are here don’t forget to grab one of Jonna Rae Bartges’s pumpkin spice candles! A great addition to one of Edwin’s metal trick or treat lanterns or something to add as a soothing fragrance at the end of the day.

Halloween Party Tips During COVID-19

Your 2020 monster bash should be held outdoors – the more ventilation the better. Hey, indoor parties suck anyway with all the cleaning and safe guarding all your breakables.

Be Brief, Be Gone. Long gatherings just increase the risk. Besides, we all know some folks who get a bit loud the later the evening goes on.

Don’t invite a crowd. The fewer attendees, the better and what a wonderful way to “dis-invite” those relatives or neighbors, you really can take for too long.

Ban the out-of-towners? Okay, they can come by but limiting the number of folks who just came in from a area that has a high level of COVID-19 is kind of smart.

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