Fiber Art Vessels & Sun-Catchers by Paige Houghton

Attending the Southeastern Animal Fiber Fair?

Paige will be giving a demonstration of her fiber artwork, Sat, October 28, 2017. We invite you come by if you are in downtown Asheville.

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Asheville Fiber Art – Paige Houghton


“Fiber has long been the fabric of our lives, the problem is in our modern disposable society, we need no longer toil and have therefore lost the appreciation for fiber arts and crafts” ~ Unknown

Well, we can truthfully say that Paige has never lost her appreciation for fiber crafts. Her colorful art pieces are made from both plant and animal fibers and then handcrafted into wonderful “vessels” and wall hangings.


Paige Houghton says about her work,

“The fiber vessels and other decorative pieces I create are inspired by the beauty we are blessed with here — in this place. The sky’s sunsets and sunrises I see from my little bungalow, the dirt, rocks, trees and flowers. And of course my beloved French Broad River.”



We invite you to come by the Mountain Made art gallery and browse more of Paige’s fiber artwork.

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