Ceramic Hedgehogs

Ceramic hedgehog – toothpick holders

The Art
Perk up your kitchen or dining room with these cheery ceramic hedgehogs! These hand-molded toothpick holders can add the right touch to any dinner or party.
The Maker
These amusing little hedgehogs are handmade here in Asheville by ceramic artist Patricia Van West.  Patricia says about herself, “I’m an artist, educator, editor, and freelance writer. My work is in art galleries from Florida’s Forgotten Coast to Western North Carolina.”
Fun Fact About Hedgehogs
  • A group of hedgehogs are called an “array.”
  • Hedgehogs use hearing and smell due to very poor eyesight.
  • Hedgehogs got their funny name from their preferred habitat—garden hedges—and the pig-like grunts they make.


The Details
  • Fired Red Clay accented with a frosted white glaze
  • No two hedgehogs will be exactly alike and colors may vary slightly.
  • Includes toothpicks (quills)
We invite you to come the gallery and check out our current “array” of hedgehogs today.
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