‘Fun Art’ Double Demo Saturday!

Candy Emerson: metal jewelry maker

Sondra Hastings: handcrafted ceramics

All is good with the world… Because our ‘Fun Art’ Demo weekend is coming Nov 4, 2017 at 11.

The hassle of road closures, detours and limited parking (come early) are a small price to pay for this FREE day-long event. Mountain Made is happy to host live demonstrations by two of our most popular artists: metal jewelry by Candy Emerson and Handcrafted Ceramic Artwork by Sondra Hastings.

Although both art demonstrations begin Saturday morning at 11 and continue until 4 p.m., you are invited to drop by Friday evening from 5-8 pm to browse the gallery and check out our “Good Books Make Great Gifts” display.

Here are a few samples of what the artists leading the demonstrations have to offer:

Candy Emerson


Sondra Hastings


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