Wire Bonsai Tree Sculptures by Sarah Jane Kennedy

Wire Bonsai Trees

Bean’s Bonsai Studio’s Wire Bonsai Trees

Today there are many artists that use interesting kinds of materials to make wonderful art. Wire crafting has become one of the most uncommon “common”  items used in making art sculptures.

Sarah Jane Kennedy (Bean’s Bonsai Studio) creates free-standing wire bonsai trees that are crafted (twisted by hand) from 100’s of individual strands of wire using only simple hand tools, and beads.

Her wire bonsai trees are unique and different than anything we have ever seen. Here at Mountain Made we believe that Sarah Jane is an upcoming master of her craft.

Sarah Jane uses a combination of copper wire, along with colorful beads in all shapes, colors and sizes to create her wonderfully whimsical sculptures.

Each tree made from individual pieces of wire and selected beads. Then each branch is twisted by hand using simple tools and Sarah Jane’s natural creativity.

She then installs every tree on a base made of stone, wood or some other found object to create an one-of-a-kind piece of art. Her imaginative creations are often in the shape of magnificent maple trees decked out in colorful beads.

Wire Bonsai: A Modern Take

The practice of creating bonsai trees from wire, known as “wire bonsai”, is a relatively modern adaptation of the traditional art of bonsai.

The traditional art of bonsai originated in China over a thousand years ago and was later adopted and refined by the Japanese.

In traditional bonsai, living trees are grown, pruned, shaped, and trained to grow in miniature form, often resembling mature, full-sized trees. This is achieved through a variety of techniques, including expert trimming, root reduction, and wiring.

Wire bonsai is a contemporary twist on this ancient art form. Instead of using living trees, artists use wire to create miniature tree sculptures.

These wire trees can be incredibly detailed, mimicking the intricate shapes and forms of real trees. The wire used can vary in type, including copper, aluminum, and steel, among others.

The techniques for creating wire bonsai are different from those used in traditional bonsai but share the same principles of using balance, proportion, and aesthetics.

Artists like Sarah Jane bend, twist, and shape strands of wire to create the trunk, branches, and sometimes even leaves. Some artists also incorporate beads, stones, or other materials to represent leaves or even fruits.

While wire bonsai is not a replacement for the traditional Japanese art, it has found its own unique niche among art lovers and those interested in miniature sculptures.

Sarah Jane’s wire bonsai is a fascinating blend of traditional bonsai artistry and modern creativity. Her works allows for a new level of expression while paying homage to this ancient art form.

About Sarah Jane Kennedy

“A horticulturist by trade and artist by heart, I was diagnosed at a young age with a rare form of breast cancer.  During a very difficult and emotional recovery, I was inspired by a piece of art created over 40 years ago by my great grandmother Jean. I began handcrafting unique wire bonsai trees just as my great grandmother had many years before.”

She goes on to say, “What makes my heart sing? My son, nature, and the beautiful mountains that surround us!”


We invite you come by the gallery, and see her wonderful artwork for yourself > Mountain Made Art Gallery

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