Poetry and Baseball?

“Casey at the Bat” a True American Classic

Is the most famous poem in American history about baseball?

Yes it is – at least it is according to the folks at Wikipedia.  “Casey at the Bat” a poem written by sport writer Ernest Thayer in 1888..

The poem which depicts the story and strikeout of the Mudville Nine’s most valuable and popular player, Casey.

This classic poem has a long and popular history as both a printed work and has been made into several animated short films like the ones below…

Walt Disney 1946 – Casey at the Bat

Casey Bats Again

So what has Casey at the Bat have to do with us, here at Mountain Made?

Well, the author of the book, The End of the Curse, William Stanish will be here this Saturday talking about and signing personal copies of his book.

The End of the Curse is a book length poem about the 2016 World Series – written in the style of Casey at the Bat. We think that someday it might earn an animated short or movie or two of its own.

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