Pie Recipes from Scratch – The Lost Art of Pie Making Made Easy by Barbara Swell

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Something about cold winter weather always makes you want to hunker down and hibernate…and EAT!

Winter time is the worst time if you are on a diet…oops, we mean a new ‘eating plan’. This is why we are delighting in sharing one of our favorite pie cookbooks with you, now.

Yes, PIE. And yes, we are tempting you.

Imagine, a cold winter night, all safe and warm eating leftover pie with good coffee…YUM!

Barbara Swell’s The Lost Art Of Pie Making Made Easy is a slender book, just 72 pages but it packs in a lot of information in those few pages.

It is great specialty cookbook dedicated to passing along the pie-making wisdom from our elder bakers to a new generation of home cooks who have an appreciation for old-fashion pie recipes like:

  • Double Sour Cherry Amaretto;
  • Aunt Martha’s Coconut Cream;
  • Bourbon Pecan;
  • Mom’s Lemon Meringue;
  • Honey Apple Dumplings,
  • Louisiana Peanut;
  • Hot Fudge Funny Cake,
  • Vanilla Crumb.”



Barbara Swell
Barbara Swell

Excerpt from inside the book…on bubbled-over pie,

“I used to think this was a bad thing, a sign of an inexperienced baker.

After extensive research in the form of serving bubbled-over pie to a plethora of tasters, here’s my current position:

People get real excited about a bubbled-over pie.

They see that purple juice sitting on top of the flaky pie crust and they’re ready to dig in. It doesn’t matter if it’s a lattice or a solid top pie crust.

People have the same reaction.

Pie lust.

Pie juice spilled on the oven floor is another matter. It will quickly burn and smoke your pie as well a your house. So after the pie begins to bubble on the edges, set it on a piece of foil that’s curved up around your pan.”

Well, if you have been inspired by pie lust and are going to be snuggled down over the next few cold weeks, we invite you drop by the gallery and pick up a copy of this great cookbook or click here to email us, if are snowed in and can’t get into town!

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