Painting On Foil – Asheville Painter Sharon Sandel [DEMO CANCELLED]

Foil Painting - Asheville Painter Sharon Sandel

Foiling Paintings by Sharon Sandel

When it comes to mixed media art, nothing is as unique as painting on foil.

With foil painting the surface is slick so the paint dances across it, reflecting the light in the room.

Artists have traditionally used various reflective metal foils to visually add “excitement” to their work.

First Sharon pastes the metalic foil by means of a special technique to her canvas, often adding layers of copper, silver or gold foil before she paints.

Sharon Sandel says…”I work in traditional oils, acrylic, and watercolor mediums, but I also love exploring new ways of using such mixed media materials like painting on copper, gold and silver foil.”

We invite you to drop by the Mountain Made gallery, this Saturday, from 11am to 4pm to watch this wonderful artist and teacher at work. Directions to Mountain Made, a downtown Asheville art gallery.

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