Uncommon Handcrafted Silver Jewelry by Kim Thompson

Kim Thompson Handcrafted Silver Jewelry

Handcrafted Fine Jewelry by Kim Thompson

“Spring won’t let me stay in this house any longer! I must get out and breathe the air deeply again.” —Gustav Mahler, composer.

Now that warmer weather is upon us, here at Mountain Made, like the quote above we want to get out in the fresh air and walk among the hills and forests of Western North Carolina.

But duty calls, and we must work which is why are are happy that we have recently replenished Kim Thompson’s Mediation on a Leaf collection.

The “Meditations on a Leaf” Collection

Using softly pillowed and brushed silver forms, elemental and uncluttered, these handcrafted pieces by Kim provide still and quite spaces for contemplating the delicate structure and patterning of just one of Nature’s miracles…the Leaf.

These meditations on a leaf are truly distilled studies of the familiar – an invitation to look again, to look closer – with fresh eyes.

Each piece in this fine jewelry collection features an all sterling silver construction, with an oxidized leaf pattern, along with a brushed finish with a high polish. All of Kim’s findings are hand fabricated.

Kim says about her work, “Most of my jewelry is divided into collections, each centered around a particular concept or theme. I work primarily in sterling silver, but sometimes I embellish with natural river stones or semi precious gems.”

“As a child I recognized a sense of balance and presence whenever I was engaged in a creative process that required working with my hands. There was an awareness that the actual process carried as much gratification as the end result.”

“Whether drawing nature studies, sewing my own clothes, helping my dad build projects in his workshop, even just folding origami cranes – designing, creative problem solving, and crafting by hand brought a penetrating reward.”

Kim says her grandmother often told her “The most important tools you possess are your own two hands!”

As a consequence, all of Kim’s work is based on her own original designs, and – individually handcrafted – so each one is totally unique.

We invite you come by Mountain Made, whenever you are visiting downtown Asheville, and personally browse Kim’s Leaf and Letting Go collections.

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