Fine Art Quilts by Mary Stori

“Mistakes are merely design opportunities…

…Making an ordinary quilt, extra-ordinary!” ~ Mary Stori

Mary Stori is an internationally recognized quiltmaker, fashion designer, instructor, lecturer, and quilt show judge who has authored several quilting books.

As therapy, Mary began teaching herself to quilt while recovering from back surgery in the mid 1980’s. She had planned to return to her career of cooking school owner/instructor and cookbook author, but after discovering the fabulous world of quilting, her energies were immediately redirected.

In the years that followed she was named a five-time Fairfield Designer, a National Artisan for Bernina (the sewing machine company), and 2004 Teacher of the Year by Professional Quilter magazine.

Naturally we here at Mountain Made are pleased to showcase a select collection of Mary’s quilted artwork.


Mary’s fine art quilts are a blend of bead embellishment, hand embroidery and machine stitching.

To add to her one-of-a-kind pieces, she also creates her own quilt fabrics. Her fabrics are made from hand dyed felted wool, screen printed or hand dyed cottons.

If you are interested in viewing Mary’s artwork, up-close for yourself, then we invite you drop by the gallery the next time you are in the downtown area: directions to Mountain Made art gallery.

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