Ceramic Platters and Pottery Bowls by Laura Somervill

Ceramic Platters and Bowls - Laura Somervill

Somervill Ceramic Platters & Pottery Bowls

This week, we would like to re-introduce you to Laura Somervill – (no ‘e’) – a master artist, mother of two and expert pottery instructor at the local community college here in Asheville.

We have had Laura’s pottery in the gallery the past and we are happy offer it once again to all our ceramic art lovers.

Laura says, “Being creative, working with clay, and teaching others to work with clay is my passion. I consider myself extremely lucky to love my job.
I’m always looking for new things to teach my students, which in turn causes my clay work to consistently be evolving.”

Laura also runs WestFire, a professional pottery studio located in West Asheville. There she offers private pottery classes and workshops, as well as producing her own high-fired sculptural ceramic pieces and functional pottery.

So naturally we are very excited to showcase several of Laura’s sizable ceramic platters (over 12 inches) and her spectacular pottery bowls.

Take a closer look at her work for yourself:

We admit that these photographs just don’t do Laura’s work the justice they deserve, so we invite you to drop by the gallery and see her work in person > Directions to Mountain Made, a local arts and crafts gallery.

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