How to Create Uncommon Fall Party Decorations with Glass Pumpkins

blown glass pumpkins

“It’s Pumpkin Pickin’ Time!”

Glass Pumpkins by Terri Sigler

Yes, winter is coming and once more you are planning what fall party decorations to get for your upcoming get togethers.

The problem with the Autumn season is that it jam packs a lot of holidays and family events into a short window of time. Naturally it makes sense to find and repurpose the same table decorations and party decor items for similar events.

But let’s face it…

You are probably tired of the same old, lame Jack O’ Lanterns and plastic autumn leaves, aren’t you?

Well, ditch the plastic pumpkins and trash those fakes leaves for a unique centerpiece most party hosts would love to have…

We invite you to think about using one of these awesome hand-blown glass pumpkins from Asheville artist Terri Sigler, instead.

Each pumpkins starts out a molten ball of colored glass and is then carefully blown and expanded then molded by Terri into the unique shapes and sizes shown below.

Traditional Glassblowing by Terri Sigler

As you can see these festive fruits that are so elegant that you’ll want to keep them on display all year long. (And yes, pumpkins are fruits not vegetables.)

Still Terri has been practicing her glass blowing skills on these popular autumn gourds for years now but this fall, we think is some of her best work yet!

According to Terri she started her journey into traditional glassblowing in 2006, when her husband gifted her with a  traditional glassblowing class!

Naturally Terri thought he was crazy but hey since the class included a week-long stay at a really luxurious hotel (not to mention a non-refundable class fee), she went along with it.

What Terri says about her art:

“I’ve always been an artist. My Mom, throughout her professional career, was an artist/ art explorer.  We sewed, painted ceramics, knitted, crocheted, baked and gardened, just to name a few. Furthermore, I come from five generations of seamstresses. Sewing and designing– thus creating, is in my blood.”

How long does it take to make one of your glass pumpkins?

“It takes my assistant and me 1.5-3 hours to blow a medium-sized solid colored vessel [pumpkin]. It anneals for 12 hours. Then, I may add 30 minutes of cold working.”


We invite you to come by Mountain Made (directions) to see her “glass pumpkin patch” for yourself.  While you are here come discover other great glass art and  fall decorations and home decor like ornaments, centerpieces, as well other autumn-themed arts and crafts.

Of if you are not in the Asheville area, you should take just a moment and check out Terri’s work below…


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