“COVID” Coping Candles by Jonna Rae Bartges

Unique Soy Reiki Energy Healing Candles

Covid Coping Candles!

Why didn’t we think of that before? Leave it up to Jonna to be so inventive…

Jonna Rae Bartges (Healing White Light Candles) is best known here at Mountain Made for her unique healing energy candles. These soy candles are created in small bottle batches and each candle comes with its own Affirmation card.

Her latest fragrance candle is called “Covid Coping” … a wonderful blend of comforting “sugar cookies” with the distinctive and authentic earthy scent of hemp – not to be confused with CBD oil!

As a Reiki Master Teacher Jonna says that when her candles are burning, they release calming and healing fragrances into the room, soothing both your body and soul.

What is Reiki Energy Healing?

“Healers who work with energy are typically focused on removing any physical, spiritual, or emotional blockages, typically through modalities like Reiki, tapping, hypnotism…” ~ Source: Goop.com

Jonna says she left her newspaper editor job at age 24 to go on a spiritual quest and learn if she was “psychic or psychotic”.

We think her handcrafted candles are proof-positive, she is NOT psychotic. We invite you to come by the Mountain Made gallery and sniff out these great smelling Coping candles as well as any of her other enticing fragrances > Directions to Mountain Made.

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