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Jason Probstein: Asheville Glass Blower at Work For the Holidays


Scientific Glassblowing, Asheville NC Schedule of Live 2019 Demos by Jason Probstein … Asheville Glass blower, Jason Probstein is a trained scientific glass blower who lives here in Asheville, North Carolina. He uses Corning Pyrex glass tubing and rods to create his wonderful artwork. He uses a 3000 degree torch to heat and shape his glass art into strong […]

How to Create Uncommon Fall Party Decorations with Glass Pumpkins

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“It’s Pumpkin Pickin’ Time!” Glass Pumpkins by Terri Sigler Yes, winter is coming and once more you are planning what fall party decorations to get for your upcoming get togethers. The problem with the Autumn season is that it jam packs a lot of holidays and family events into a short window of time. Naturally […]

Painted Rock Art by Phyllis Alden

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The art of painting on rocks is thousands of years old. Almost every culture has some form of cave painting, or rock art. Phyllis Alden is a local Asheville artist, who has taken this wonderful art form and used it to turn plain old river rocks into whimsical and yet realistic cats and dogs. …. […]

Fine Art Ceramics by Tony Bledsoe

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Tony Bledsoe has been a professional potter for over 30 years and lives part-time in nearby Blowing Rock, NC. He received a BFA (Bachelor in Fine Arts) with a double major in Ceramics and Photography from East Tennessee State University. He then went back to get a Master of Arts in Ceramics. As you can […]

Stained Glass by Kathy Goldstein

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Let’s be honest here…we love the stained glass pieces we get from Kathy Goldstein! And we also know that our visitors love seeing her works in our gallery. People are always stopping in to check out her whimsical glass spider webs… But people often think that stain glass is super fragile and easily broken… That’s […]

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