Asheville Ceramic Artist Sondra Hastings

Sondra Hastings has always had a lifetime dream and passion for working with her hands and creating beautiful things – a dream that she began as age seven.

Asheville ceramic artist - Sondra Hastings
Asheville ceramic artist Sondra Hastings

Her creative journey has taken many forms over the years until she discovered clay. Once she started working, molding and interacting with various clays and ceramic techniques, she felt an immediate connection.

Currently she is focused on creating works in porcelain – using her hands to sculpt and shape as well using a traditional potter’s wheel to turn out stoneware bowls, plates, cups and teapots!

Sondra is almost completely self-taught as many superb folk artists are – yet she says she was blessed to have experienced an apprenticeship that turned into a teaching position at a local pottery studio before she ventured out on her own.

Her unique and whimsical works and both fun and functional. Once you see her work, you might agree with us that it is a blend of an open and joyful spirit but with a strong element of practicality.

To see her artwork we invite you to come by the gallery on Fridays and Saturdays (2PM-6PM) this month. And we think you’re going to enjoy her lively clay sculpting demonstrations.

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