Affordable Luxury Gifts – Handcrafted Natural Soaps from WNC

Handcrafted Soaps by Western North Carolina Artisans

Handcrafted soaps made with natural materials and essential oils offer several benefits over conventional soaps. Some of these benefits include:

Wellspring Farm Handcrafted Soaps

Skin Nourishment: Handcrafted soaps by Wellspring Farm contains natural ingredients, such as plant-based oils and butters, which can provide nourishment and hydration to the skin. These ingredients are typically gentler and more moisturizing than the synthetic ingredients found in many commercial soaps.

Aromatherapy: Essential oils derived from plants have distinct natural fragrances and therapeutic properties. When used in handcrafted soaps, these oils can provide a subtle scent and promote relaxation, invigoration, or other desired effects through aromatherapy.

Faire Made Handcrafted Soaps

No Harmful Chemicals: Faire Made creates handcrafted soaps with natural essential oil. Their products free from synthetic fragrances, parabens, sulfates, and other potentially harmful chemicals found in some conventional soaps. This makes them a safer option for people with sensitive skin or allergies.

Eco-Friendly: Handmade soaps with natural ingredients are typically more environmentally friendly than mass-produced soaps. They often use fewer resources, create less waste, and are biodegradable, which reduces their environmental impact.

Appalachian Natural Handcrafted Soaps

Supports WNC Businesses: When you purchase handcrafted soaps, you often support our small businesses and artisans who take pride in their work and prioritize quality and sustainability over mass production.

Unique and Personal: Handcrafted soaps offer a wide range of scents, colors, and formulas, making it easy to find a soap that suits your personal preferences and aesthetic.


While it is important to note that an individual’s experience with handcrafted soaps and natural essential oils may vary,  we have personally found that people who have allergies or who have skin sensitivities, have come to love our selection of natural soaps!

We invite you to come by Mountain Made and check out (or sniff) our collection of handcrafted natural soaps for yourself: Mountain Made, a Downtown Asheville art gallery.

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