Alcohol Ink Art Landscapes & Prints by Joy Dorr

Alcohol Ink Prints by Joy Dorr

Joy has a unique perspective on the world that she readily shares by creating wonderful abstract landscapes created with alcohol inks.
She says about her work, “I believe that surrounding yourself with uplifting images improves your mood and helps maintain a positive attitude”

What is Alcohol Ink Art ?

There are six mountain bikes “hidden” in this painting. Can you find them?


Alcohol ink is a highly-pigmented (i.e. bright colors), and very fast drying medium. It is most commonly seen as backgrounds in craft projects and stamping.

But occasionally, an artist takes this seemly simple art beyond it’s humble roots and turns it into its own art form such as painting.

This means an alcohol ink painter has to lay down their work as bold strokes and flowing waves.

She goes on to say, “Alcohol ink provides brilliant striking colors that saturate the canvas. I enjoy painting with the ink because it is both languid and forceful; you have to coax it where you want it to go.”

She continues,”Living in Asheville North Carolina, I am surrounded by the colors and textures of the mountains. The views are inspiring and I try to bring some version of the images I see to the canvas. ”

If you are in downtown Asheville, we invite to come see Joy’s work for yourself. Until then check out these colorful and captivating prints

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