Kick Winter to the Curb – Whimsical Garden & Metal Yard Art from Mike Cowan

Mike Cowan's completed wrought iron gate
Wrought Iron Gates by Mike Cowan

Metal Garden & Yard Art By Mike Cowan


Every spring, gardeners will spent their time dreaming of a relaxing summer time oasis filled with wonderful flowers and birds, and other wildlife.

But by using striking metal yard art sculptures or garden structures from artists like Mike Cowan, you can easily extend the beauty of your home’s yards and gardens long past those bleak winter months into the spring season.


Metal yard art is a great way to attract eyes to particular areas of your garden, especially those spots near windows, patios, decks or balconies.

This creates easily seen focal points of beauty and interest in your garden, that can be enjoyed no matter what the weather is like.

There are several ways you can use garden structures and metal yard art to perk up your garden and kick winter to the curb.

  • Focus on fountains and bird baths because they are classic attractions even when turned off for the season.
  • Prepare your pond for winter by cleaning out any dead debris because even when frozen it can reflect the winter sun
  • Stick in statues, wrought iron gates and other tall structures to add vertical levels to your yard
  • Mix in metal art or yard art to add in those little touches of fun and whimsy

The metal yard art pieces created by Mike Cowan are perfect for this.  These metal garden flowers and “critter” sculptures can be staked in among your fall shrubbery, next to garden paths or  just  under  the windows with your best garden views.

Visit the gallery to view his work in person, but if you can’t please watch this short video .


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