“What to Look for in a Mask” & the book “Like Headlines” by Nancy Dillingham

Did you know that Nancy Dillingham – one of Mountain Made’s most popular local poets is our “virtual demo” artist for the year?

This means that Nancy will be sharing her poetry and her 2020 experiences through her writings with our online audience every other week…

…Lord willing, and the Corona don’t rise.

If you missed the blog post about her first pandemic poem, we invite you to check it out here > “Hunkering Down”.

Now for this week’s submission…”What to Look for in a Mask”


Nancy’s book Like Headlines: New & Selected Poems (2018) is a collection of short prose and poetry that begins with clear-eyed reportage on the heartbreak and devastation in the lives of women, historical and contemporary. The universal implications of their fate serve as “frame” for the rest of the book as the poet, in strikingly spare language, takes impassioned aim at the complexities of love, marriage, and society.

What the Author Says

Nancy says is this collection, was inspired by a watercolor by artist Sandra Brugh Moore entitled “Mount Pisgah Moment,” depicting swirling white clouds tinged with orange and the line “the clouds are like headlines/upon a new front-page sky” from a Tom Waits song entitled “Shiver Me Timbers.”

What Readers Say

Fred Chappell, retired University of North Carolina at Greensboro English professor, author and poet said about Nancy, “She has chosen to follow her own light and report what her vision discovers…with a dark mordancy [and caustic wit] that is tonic and enviable.”

Ron Rash, an American poet, short story writer and novelist wrote,”Nancy Dillingham writes…with a beautiful balance of concision and eloquence.”

Katherine Soniat; poet, professor, and editor says about Nancy’s books, “History, the land, and family beckon with a ‘finely formed hand.’ ”


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