A Unique Home Handcrafted Mountain Decor

Make Your Home Decor Special with a Blend of both New and Traditional Handcrafted Art

It can be hard to keep up with the latest changes in decorating styles for the home. But the latest trend might actually make it easy for you to have a stylish house, especially if you’ve kept some family treasures around.

Mixing traditional handcrafted arts and contemporary decor within a home can give your spaces a warm, yet up-to-date, feel.


Keeping those traditional art accents, furniture pieces or even wall art in your home and blending them with contemporary elements that have clean lines or bright colors can create a relaxed and attention-grabbing look.

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You can incorporate this style in any room of the home, and it allows you to display that unique mirror have bathroom, or to bring new life and energy with wooden or ceramic kitchen accessories to the those marble countertops in your kitchen.

Try these tips to help get the most out the old, while bringing a new look to your home:

* Accent with white – One great way to give a room a contemporary balance is to accent with white. The trim, molding, doors and even decorative linens you use can bring new energy to a furniture item or heirloom piece you’ve had in your family for years.

Blending the soft wood tones of wood tabletop bowls or furniture with cool and fresh white accents will make the room vibrant. If it’s your kitchen that’s sporting the contemporary white color, add Danze faucets in stainless steel finishes that showcase a more traditional décor to balance the overall feel.


* Add little touches of art – A custom mirror with a rustic wood frame can become a frame for family photos tucked around the edging.


Wood furniture made from reclaimed old pallets or wooden keepsake boxes  can be used for a side table or add to decorate a fireplace mantel.

Mix up the chairs around your dining room table by blending both modern and contemporary styles. These little changes in a room’s decor might not be immediately obvious, but as visitors look around the room, they’ll notice the special touches you’ve made by mixing two distinctive styles.

* Incorporate a couple focal pieces – If the shell of your room has a contemporary look, adding a few traditional craft elements and conversation pieces into the room can create a stunning look.

Mixing the old  and new is a decorating trend in today’s home decor, and there are benefits galore to exploring its flavor.

You’ll have a beautiful home today, with flexibility to alter it in the years to come. If, in five years, you decide going contemporary is the path for you, simply switch out that bronze faucet with chrome or replace the antique accent pieces in the living room.

Regardless of the way you mix traditional and contemporary elements, you can be assured that it won’t overwhelm your guests. Instead, they’ll enjoy experiencing your creativity and the breath of fresh air you brought to your home.

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