The Year 2020 Book is Here & for Sale!


“Together We Can Do Anything”

The End to Our 5 Month Interactive Public Art & Writing Project

The year 2020 for better or worst will go down in American history as a major pivotal moment. It has been often said that history is written for and by the victors.

But nowadays in a world of overwhelmed with 2-second tweets, forgettable social media rants, wild conspiracy theories and online rages; modern history seems to be written by the distracted, the delusional and the destructive.

Which was why here at Mountain Made we took very a different approach. So over the summer, we invited visitors to our gallery to drop in and write what they were feeling about these turbulent times.

This wonderful public writing and art project was full of the whimsical, the the funny, the sad and the serious. It contained poetry, personal musings, thoughtful insights and yes, rants on “The Year 2020”.

We also setup a “Graffiti” watercolor station where those were more visual could lay brush to canvas if they desired on a shared, public painting. In the end the public graffiti artists created over ten different paintings!

To memorialize this project we combined some the best writings and all the paintings into a printed booklet and are offering them to the public for sale.

Special Note: We are giving 100% of the cost of the book to Manna Food Bank. You can pick from a $5, $10, $20, $50, $100 donation to receive a copy of the book >> Purchase your copy here at our online shop.


THE YEAR 2020: A Public Interactive History and Art Project

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