Planting & Gardening by the Signs

Using a Garden Almanac to Plant by the Signs – Local Book Shows You How

Since prehistoric times, mankind has been using the phases of the moon and weather signs to plant and harvest crops.

According to Wikipedia this is a form of astrology named “Agricultural astrology” or as it is commonly called here in the South “planting by moon”.

In a nutshell, planting by the signs is what some gardeners, even commercial farmers, believe is a system where various plants do better (grow faster and produce more crops) when seeded, cultivated and harvested during certain moon phases and astrological signs.

Now there are few studies and very little scientific research to back up this ancient system but that has not stopped generations of gardeners from wanting to know how to use their almanacs and struggling to understand when to plant by the moon signs.

And yes, we admit that “planting by the signs” might seem a little out there for some folks, but many good Southern mothers have swore by their farmer’s almanac and planting by the signs!

With that in mind, MOUNTAIN MADE has a wonderful gardening book written by local authors and long time gardening experts – Jack R. Pyle and Taylor Reese.

Pyle and Reese wrote about on this fascinating topic, in their book “Raising with the Moon: the complete guide to gardening and living by the signs of the Moon”
Raising with the Moon

Phases of the moon

Going by the phases of the moon and other helpful, “signs” from almanac millions of home gardeners and professional farmers alike would faithfully set out their seed crops, transplants or veggies for the best chance of growth.

But as more modern plant techniques were developed and more reliable weather predictions came about  planting by the signs or growing by the moon fell aside – until beginning of this century.

Judging by the number of recession “victory” gardens and urban growing spaces that have sprung up not only in the South but all over the country, gardening, is making a big comeback.

And along with it, is a renewed interest in using almanacs and moon signs to plant and harvest food crops.

In “Raising with the Moon” the authors go over the best ways and dates to prep the soil, cultivate and fertilize. They also have chapters on planting, transplanting, companion planting, pruning and much more. This book is a great read for both beginner and long-time gardeners.

If you ready to start your spring gardening, we invite you come by and checkout this popular book for yourself.


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