New Original Acrylic Paintings by Daniel Frisbee

original acrylic paintings

 Colorful “Flowers” Series

Original Acrylic Paintings by Daniel Frisbee

We are happy to present one of our first 2023 art series, “Flowers” by Daniel Frisbee. These one-of-a-kind originals are affordably priced. We invite you to come by Mountain Made Gallery gallery and see these wonderful paintings for yourself…

About Daniel Frisbee

What Daniel says about his work:

“First and foremost, art comes from my heART! After trying tirelessly to make statements with
my work, have found that my inspiration does not come from how impress others, but how
honest am with myself.

It has been a journey, but both the struggle and joy from creating makes
me, put simply, honest.

I stopped listening to what I call “back noise” in my head, and just listen to my heART. It speaks

I have found that what makes me happy as an artist and individual is to focus on life:
the experiences that have, not whether can be a successful artist.

I just want to create and give a perspective on love and life that is MY perspective, MY idea, and MY jo y.

That is what defines success for me … the love of my work.

I no longer have doubts. just create what I know, feel, and experience.”

 What are acrylic paintings?

Acrylic originals are created using acrylic paints, which is a fast-drying paint that is often waterproof once dry. Acrylic paint is used just like any other type of paint such as oils. Acrylic paintings can depict any scene the artist can envision like floral paintings, landscapes, and abstracts. Artists such as Daniel can mix colors and styles to create unique, one-of-a-kind piece of art.

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