Handmade Glass – Kiln-Formed Glass by Mike Lightcap

What Is Kiln-Formed Glass?

Kiln-glass is basically just glass that is formed or fused inside a kiln.

Kiln-formed glass (kiln-glass, or ‘slumped’ glass) is process that uses heat and gravity to transform a sheet of glass or layers of glass into shape of a mold.

Once an art piece is assembled, it is then heated in a kiln, which allows the the glasses to soften and fuse together, and assume the shape of whatever surface they’re resting on or in, such as a flat shelf, a curved mold, or bas-relief mold.

A master glass artist can create an almost endless variety of art objects from this process.

Kiln-glass has been an especially rich territory for artists such as Mike Lightcap. Mike who has recently retired, has brought his remaining collection of kiln formed glass pieces and slumped glass vessels to Mountain Made.

We are proud that he has chosen us to showcase these final legacy pieces here at our downtown Asheville gallery.

While these glass forms might seem simple, through his attention to detail, his complex design techniques and sophisticated color palette, you can easily see this master craftsman’s decades long artistic development.

These pieces are truly one-of-a-kind since they are the final artworks from Mike’s studio (now closed).

If you are interested in seeing these spectacular fine art objects for yourself then we invite you come by the gallery anytime during this year’s summer of glass: directions to Mountain Made.

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