Discover the Artistry of Handcrafted Glass Night Lights by Jason Probstein

Modern LED Light Creations by
Master Scientific Glassblower Jason Probstein

Have you ever wondered about the art and history behind the night lights that illuminate our homes?

Come follow us as we dive into the world of Jason Probstein, a master glassblowing artist, known for his unique lampworked glass creations that beautifully merge tradition with modern LED innovation.

About Jason Probstein

It is no secret, that Jason Probstein is not just any glass artist. While he is a master of traditional lampworked glass, he is known for constantly pushing its boundaries.

With a degree in scientific glassblowing from Salem Community College and training in Venetian glass techniques from the Penland School of Crafts, Jason has carved a niche for himself in the Asheville area and beyond.

His scientific glassblowing demonstrations here inside the Mountain Made gallery are a sight to behold, and his glass pieces, crafted from Corning Pyrex, are both exquisite and durable.

“Probstein Nite-Lites”

Imagine a night light that is not only functional but also a piece of art. Probstein’s Nite-Lites are crafted from borosilicate glass (Pyrex), making them lightweight yet robust. The LED bulb used is light-sensitive, adjusting its brightness based on the surrounding darkness.

And speaking of LED lightbulbs, did you know they can last anywhere from 25,000 to 50,000 hours? That’s means they could last 5 to 8 years in the right environment, making them a sustainable (and beautiful) choice compared to traditional incandescent bulbs.

A Brief Journey Through Time – The Evolution of the Night Light

Night lights have a rich history, evolving with technological advancements:

Ancient Times: Homes were illuminated with anything from torches to candles to oil lamps, and lanterns.

The 19th Century: The era of gas lighting brought gas lamps into homes.

Late 19th to Early 20th Century: Thomas Edison’s incandescent light bulb revolutionized home lighting, leading to electric night lights.

Late 20th Century: The 1960s saw the advent of LED night lights, with motion-sensor variants emerging in the 1990s.

21st Century: Modern night lights boast features like adjustable brightness, color-changing capabilities, and smart technology integration.

Did You Know?
In the 19th Century, servants in affluent households had the crucial responsibility of monitoring and maintaining gas lights. From lighting and extinguishing lamps to ensuring proper ventilation and gas supply, these early “gas light monitors” played a pivotal role in the safety and functionality of homes.

Still throughout history, the primary purpose of night lights has remained consistent: to provide a source of comfort and safety in the darkness.

Whether used to navigate a home at night, comfort a child, or simply add ambiance, night lights have evolved significantly over the years, adapting to the needs and preferences of users.

Interested in discovering more about Jason’s unique blend of glass artistry and modern tech?

If so, then we invite you to visit Mountain Made, a downtown Asheville art gallery, to checkout Jason’s mesmerizing Nite-Lites for yourself.  Come by and take home a piece of this fun yet functional glass creation home and illuminate your nights with exceptional beauty.

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