“Bunker” a Poem by Nancy Dillingham

As you might know by now that our featured artist for the summer is Nancy Dillingham. Nancy is both a poet and writer and her work will be featured all summer as part of our Year 2020: A Public Art Project.

“Bunker” is the last entry in her first set of 2020 poems and one that we wanted to share with you.


Here in the bunker
feels like home

no marchers
no noise

no reporters
no Pelosi

Here in the bunker
I can gloat

no Obama nor Romney
no “sleepy” Joe

Here in the bunker
free of “dis-ease”

I can polish my tweets
do as I please

pose for photographs
for Time magazine

Here in the bunker
no enemies to be seen

Here in the bunker
I am king

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