Art in Asheville – Wood Artisans at Mountain Made

One of the biggest trends in interior design right now is the use of natural wood art and handcrafted accent pieces in home decor.  Green or Eco-Frendly design adopts the natural beauty that exists in all wood and showcases the character of this wonderful material in the form of wall art and home accent pieces.


Reclaimed wood is HUGE right now and is showing up everywhere from hand carved planks on the walls to stunning tabletop centerpieces to wood furniture for the home or office.

Here are a few of our favorite reasons why we feel you should use more natural wood art and accents for your home or office…

– Wood pieces can give almost any room more warmth, more personality and a just a touch of rustic charm.

– Wood art can endow a living space with powerful emotions and spark primal memories that create a tangible sense of connection.

– Displaying a wood accent pieces with textures ties the outdoors into the indoors and is an easy way to enhance your room with a natural sculpture that is both touchable and visually unique.

– People automatically gravitate towards artworks that remind them of nature. Adding wood art to your home or office creates a space with a relaxed and comfortable.

– Plus we feel that decorating with wood art is a subtle statement that someone has discriminating tastes and a unique style.

Below is just a sampling of the wood artists who show their work at Mountain Made.

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Jim Caskowski

Jim Caskowski (3)

Jim Caskowski (5)

Dick Biggins

Dick Biggins (4)

DickBiggins (2)

Bob Gunther

Bob Gunther-segmented


Gabe Huntress



Jem Klein


JemKlein (4)


Brian Monteleone




Chris Perryman



Carl Pittman



Tom Pressley

Tom Pressley (4)

Tom Pressley (9)

Cameron Proctor

CamronProctor-WoodSprits (1)


Brian Shope

Brian Shoppe (2)

BrianShope (4)


Andrew Stockman


Andrew Stockman


Rodney Tanner

RodneyTanner (2)

RodneyTanner (1)

Bill Wanezerk



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