The Jaw-Dropping Laser-Cut Wood Art of Ron Adolph

Laser-Cut Wood Art - Ron Adolph
Ron Adolph

“Laser cut wood relief sculptures”

Asheville-based artist Ron Adolph produces wonderfully intricate wood relief sculptures. Ron creates his elaborately layered wood relief sculptures with the help of a laser cutter.

The pieces are cut from FSC Certified Baltic Birch plywood which he then layers to create varying images of animals, and mandala-like patterns.


Born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Ron moved to Florida after college to start a business. After more than twenty years in the business world he grew tired of corporate America and decided to take his own advice: Life is short!

He and his wife moved to Asheville for a slower pace and to start a family in 2015. Here for the first time in his life, he leapt before he looked, and bought the laser cutter he’d always wanted and decided to pursue the creativity he felt but had always been just beneath the surface.

Inspired by artists such as California’s Gabriel Schama and London-based Martin Tomsky, Ron draws on his love of animals and the beauty of the natural world to create his sculptures.


Ron’s design and cutting process can take upwards of one hundred hours for every single sculpture. He laser cuts each wood layer with specialty software to provide a 3D-effect or depth not often seen in other laser cut pieces.

Each layer is then hand rubbed, and stained with a custom-blended wood dye to further enhance the appearance and create an enthralling, multi-dimensional sculpture.


Ron only uses FSC Certified Baltic Birch from responsibly managed forests for his work because it is one of the most sustainable wood products available and is very laser friendly.

Interested? Then we invite you to come by Mountain Made, a downtown Asheville art gallery to see Ron’s artworks for yourself.

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