Handmade Glass Ornaments by Scientific Glassblower Jason Probstein

Inside the Artist Studio with Jason Probstein


As you might know we frequently publish what we like to call our Inside the Artist’s Studio column. In each article we connect with a featured artist by asking them select questions and showcasing their work.

This month we are doing things a bit differently… We want to share with you some videos of Jason at work:

About Jason Probstein

Jason does a form of lampworking called scientific glassblowing. Jason received a degree in scientific glassblowing from Salem Community College and has studied Venetian glass techniques at the Penland School of Craft. He is a member of the Southern Highland Craft Guild

He has performed residency glassblowing demonstrations at Walt Disney World, The Biltmore House and Gardens and as will here at the Mountain Made Gallery.

Jason works glass tubing and rod with a torch to first heat and then shape his pieces. He uses Corning Pyrex, a strong and very durable glass art piece.

Fuming his wine glasses and champagne flutes with silver and gold makes them change color as the glass goes from full to empty. His most popular glass art pieces are his lightweight, yet durable hand blown holiday tree ornaments. Each ornament is unique in shape and color pattern.

While in Israel, Jason went to the National Museum and was inspired by ancient traditional glass works. There he saw glass pieces in many different shapes and sizes that inspired him. Once back in his studio here in North Carolina, he incorporated these beautiful ancient design elements into his own functional art.


Check out these videos below of Jason blowing glass…

Jason showing off – blowing glass in his Santa suit – not to be repeated, EVER!

Jason during one his first glassblowing demo at Mountain Made in 2010

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