Glass Christmas Tree Ornaments

Handcrafted Christmas Ornaments by Glassblower Jason Probstein

Glass Christmas tree ornaments are some of the most popular decorations used in the US.

For many of us, decorating the family Christmas tree has long been a special occasion to bring both family and close friends together for the holidays.

While most people use mass-produced glass balls to dangle from their trees and homes, a select few prefer handcrafted glass Christmas ornaments that are both beautifully unique and elegant.

History of Blown Glass Christmas Ornaments

According to legend, the family of a poor glassblower named Hans Greiner (who lived in 16th century Germany) was unable to decorate his family’s holiday tree with the traditional load of apples, nuts and dried fruit of the period.

So he created a series of hand-blown glass balls and orbs to use as decorations instead.

Over time all the glassblowers in and around Lauscha, Germany, began to make more and more complex Christmas ornaments for themselves and to give as gifts.

But it was only in 1847 that another Hans Greiner (a direct descendent) began to offer these handcrafted glass tree ornaments to sale to the wider public.

Live Demonstrations for Glass Christmas Ornaments

So we here at MOUNTAIN MADE are proud to host a series of Scientific glassblowing demonstrations by award-winning glass artist Jason Probstein.

Jason continues the tradition of hand blowing stunning glass Christmas tree ornaments and tree-toppers in a variety of shapes and colors.

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We invite you come by our gallery on Thursdays to Saturday, 11:00AM to 4:00PM and Sundays from 12:00Noon to 4:00PM to watch Jason blow glass ornaments as you watch.

Jason will be giving demonstrations until December 23th 2012 and he is also offering to hand engrave each ornament for interested buyers – at no extra charge!


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