Artist Submission Guidelines

Inquiring Artists, Musicians & Writers Want to Know…

New artwork, books (fiction or non-fiction), or music CDs whether coming from an established professional or from someone new to the arts and crafts business, helps to keep us young and encourages our customers to visit us often.

We value your interest in our gallery and we look forward to reviewing your artwork. Below you will find answers to some of the more frequently asked questions.

What type of artwork do you carry in your gallery?

To get a feel for whether your art may be appropriate for our store, we invite you to visit us and look around. If that is difficult you can browse the images on this blog that showcase just some of the items that we currently carry. Overall, we like contemporary arts and crafts.

Most of our artisans bridge the gap between decorative/fine arts and functional crafts. Yet we do carry some traditional Appalachian style arts.

We do like books of all kinds as long as the author is local. As far as music goes, we have to hear it first before we can make a judgement call.

All artwork, music and books in our gallery are the works of local artists/writers who live within the Western North Carolina region.

How do I send samples of my artwork? CDs? Color copies or prints? Via the Website? Original art?

We prefer to view all artwork in person, if possible. Please call Melinda Knies, the Mountain Made  owner/manager at 1-828-350-0307 (Wednesday thru Sunday) for an appointment. We understand this is not always possible but please don’t ship us any original art (we will not be responsible for returning it or it’s safekeeping!)

Only send us a (single) copy of your printed book or music CD or printed images of your work, if you understand that  they will not be returned! You can email us color photos of your work at or drop us a package of your work to the mailing address here.

How much of my work should I submit?

Submit a minimum of 3 and no more than 5 images if using email. You can include more if burning a CD or printed hard copies.

Include the medium, the date and your complete contact information,(including your email, best daytime telephone number and website URL, if available.)

Remember, only send us copies of your printed book or music CD, if you accept that it will not be returned!

Should I send along my profile, a statement of work or a bio?

Yes, if you wish you can include an artist bio of 2000 characters or less, double-spaced. Please consider sharing the following in your personal bio:

» What are your artistic strengths?

» In which media do you work?

» Has your art been exhibited/published? Where?

» What inspires you artistically?

In addition, feel free to tell us anything else that you think we might enjoy knowing. Please be sure to keep your bio to 2000 characters or less.

Do you ever commission artwork?


How often do you accept new work? (When should I send images of my pieces to be considered or call for an appointment?)

We only accept new artworks from March to October. Books and music CDs until early November. We have such an odd submission schedule because winter just isn’t a good time to introduce new artists to our marketplace and if it is too late in the year, we are too busy gearing up for the holiday season.

Am I required to sign a contract? What if I have artwork that is already exhibited by someone else?

Yes, all our artists must sign non-exclusive contracts. This protects both you and us.

As far as your work being already carried by someone else, we respectfully ask that you don’t exhibit the same works in our gallery that you have at another store/shop/gallery within the downtown Asheville area. (Within a 1.0 mile radius  of Pack Square)

How long does the review process take?

Within in minutes, if you bring your work in and speak with Melinda in person during an appointment. Often if she likes what she sees, she is prepared to accept your work on the spot (depending of course on the contract and the availability of your art.)

But if you submit your work through email or CD, she will contact you to  to let you know whether or not she thinks your work will be a good fit. This could take a few days depending on her schedule. Which is why she strongly encourages you to call or email a request for an appointment.