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Handcrafted Gift List

2010 Mountain Made Gift List

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(Click image to see larger view)



Under $10.00

Exotic Natural SoapsFairie Made Soaps

(Size: Standard Soap Bar)

Aromatic Natural Soaps – Tina Glenn blends her soaps from food grade olive oil along with other natural oil like coconut in a mixture with lots of decadent cocoa butter and creamy unrefined African shea nut butter.Her soaps have exotic favors like ” Moon Lady’s Ocean”, “Ginger Grass & Silk” soaps.

Item No. 02
$7.00 bar

Wellsprings Farm Soaps(Size: Standard Soap Bar) Natural Handmade Soaps -Vintage soap making at its best – no artificial colors or preservatives. Elke only blends her soaps in small batches using natural vegetable oils like olive, coconut and palm along with mountain spring water and natural fragrances like lemongrass, lavender and aloe.

Item No. 03
$7.00 bar


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Under $20.00

Black Mountain Studio Natural Soy Wax Candles in Glass Jars – While it seems like this product has been around for ever, in fact soy wax wasn’t invented until 1991.These practical and fragrant alternatives to beeswax candles make for a lovely gift for both candle lovers and those who prefer eco-friendly products.

Item No. 07

Charlie Brown Pottery Egg Separators – this nifty little kitchen gadget allows you to easily seperate the yolks from the egg whites. It would make a great gift for the that budding chef or the family cook in your life.

Item No. 12

Mike Cowan
(Size: Legs spans 5-6 inches,
2-4 inches high)
Metal Spiders
Master metal artist Mike Cowan has created some fantastic yard “critters” that any gardner would be proud to display.

Item No. 13

Bob Grytten
(Size: base 3-4 inches
3-4 high)
Long Burning Soy Candles in Reclaimed Wood Holders – Each of these robust lights is housed in a pillar made local reclaimed tree limbs, mostly saved from Bob’s own wood lot. They can burn from 35 to 50 hours.
A perfect gift for that eco-friendly family member.[Quantities are Limited]

Item No. 14

Bill Wanezek
(Size:10 length)
Hand-carved Wooden Otter Letter Opener – Bill’s woodworking career started as a youngster working side by side with his dad.He often starts out with a concept and then changes it as the beauty of the wood reveals itself. His collection of “Otter” letter openers will make a great gift for any office pro!

Item No. 16

Jean Saake
(Size: slightly larger than real fruit)
Handmade Fruit ArtHand molded ceramic plums – Each piece from Jean’s orchard has been hand painted with brilliant colors and real-life details (notice the teeth marks!). Each piece has its own unique character and surface texture from the individual hand molding process.

Item No. 17

French-style Cookware – Handmade Apple & Onion Baker – You don’t have to visit Paris to get quality French cookware.While Charlie is better known for his face jugs, his family-owned pottery also produces a wonderful line of classic European style bakeware such as this apple/onion baker. A super gift for anyone who enjoys cooking.

Item No. 23


(Click image to see larger view)



$30 – $100

Sandy Edmonds
(Sizes: 5in x 6.75in up to 8.25in x 10.5in)
Hand-built Pottery Serving & Appetizer Plates – Sandy first developed her skills in pottery using the traditional wheel thrown method. But when she moved to WNC in 1995, she took lessons in creating hand-built pottery.Her serving plates make sumptuous trays for fruit, canapés, sushi, antipasto or a simple snack of cheese & crackers.

Item No. 27 – Small 22.00

Item No. 28
-Large 35.00

Handmade Ceramic Birds – Each piece is hand-sculpted and signed by Jean and hand painted by her husband Carl. The one-of-a-kind markings on each bird are the result of natural drying techniques and the hand molding.

Item No. 29 $23.00 $33.00

Hand Molded Ceramic Fruit – Hand Molded Clay Pears & Pomegranates – Each of these art pieces were hand built and hand painted. Each piece has its own unique character of surface textures and colors due to the hand sculpting process.

Item No. 30 – Pear 24.00

Item No. 31 – Pomegranate 24.00

Mike Coulter
Reclaimed Wood Bottle Stoppers – Mike Coulter has made a beautiful line of hand-turned wine bottle stoppers from reclaimed wood.Any of Mike’s bottle stoppers makes a well remembered and treasured gift for those wine and liquor lovers in your life.

Naturally you can get a couple for yourself to dress up your dining table or sideboard for those special occasions or holidays!

Item No. 32

Jean Saake

Size: 6in x 6in x 1.75in
Unique Ceramic “Candies” in Custom Box – This One-of-a-Kind artwork will become a conversation starter for years to come! Each piece of candy is carefully hand built and painted in detail by Jean and her husband and art partner Carl.

Item No. 33 $25.00

Size:7.5in x 7.75in
“Beer Brewery Books” Handcrafted Journal/Notebook – Multimedia artist Kate Stockman has turned her bookbinding talents into developing a series of personal booklets reclaimed beer cartons from both Southern microbreweries and national favorites.These handcrafted books make great diaries or recipe books or a perfect holiday gift for any micro beer fans in your life.

Item No. 34 $26.00

Stoneware Dipping Bowls with Serving Plate – Blending her background as a former chemist with her artistic talents, Robbie produces brilliantly colored and extraordinary crystalline stoneware that is both unique and functional.Her small dipping bowls can be used to serve olive oil, soy sauce, perfect-size condiment portions, discarded seeds or olive pits, or even eggcups!

And they also cute utilitarian holders for earrings & other jewelry on your night stand or thumb tacks & paper clips on your desk. A wonderful gift for someone special.

Item No. 35 – Dipping Bowl $26.00

Item No. 36 – Serving Plate $45.00

Handcrafted Wooden Chopsticks w/Chopstick Rest – These small tapered sticks are the traditional eating utensils of most of Asia.While most Americans are familiar with the cheaply made versions found inside their take-out boxed, few have had the wonderful experience of using first-rate chopsticks made by a master woodcrafter.

Chris is famous for his handmade furnishings and tables, but for this holiday season he has turned his talents to creating these premium sets of chopsticks with accompanying chopstick rest. These unique sets will make an unforgettable gift for those who love to eat or prepare Asian cuisine.

Item No. 37 – $35.00

Handmade Ceramic Wine Goblets –
Judi’s creative process and passion for clay has grown and been developed through a lifetime of education and exposure to master artists. She specializes in ceramic drums, raku and tableware pottery.Her goblets and other dinnerware are perennial favorites among those who wish to combine masterfully sculpted beauty with functionality.

Item No. 38 – $30.00

Deviled Egg Serving Platter – Kim specializes in hand-built and wheel-thrown pottery using different clays and an array of glaze colors to produce functional designs and vivid colors.These terrific serving plates hold a dozen deviled eggs & are a must-have for those office parties or holiday feasts you host for your friends and family.

[Quantities are Limited]

Item No. 39 – $34.00

Handmade French Style Tableware – You don’t have to be a French chef to enjoy using quality French-style kitchen pottery and cookware.These great kitchen tools are both useful and decorative and would make an awesome gift for anyone who enjoys puttering around in the kitchen.

Shown are a Cider Pitcher & a Garlic Keeper.

Item No. 40 – Pitcher $35.00

Item No. 41 – Garlic Keeper $36.00

Christopher Perryman

(Contact Us for Sizes)
Tabletop Wooden Cutting Boards – A good cutting board not only saves your counter top or table but it also protects the edge on your knives.And as mentioned before, Chris comes from a family of North Carolina woodcrafters so you know each board or block is superbly handcrafted to exacting specs from only the finest of woods.

Each board has been built to last for years and will look attractive even when just sitting on your kitchen shelf!

Item No. 42 – Small $30.00

Item No. 43 – Medium $50.00

Item No. 44 – Large $60.00

Wood Leaning Wine Rack – Chris also creates a modern and elegant leaning wine bottle rack. While it only hold a single bottle, this “balancing” bottle race makes for a great conversation piece.Imagine it is placed along side one of Chris’s tabletop cutting boards or displayed as centerpiece for those special occasions.

Item No. 43A – $24.00

Fine Stoneware Pitchers – Suzanne creates functional pottery that is strongly influenced by her love of natural world.She uses Earth tones, classical colors and intricate leaf patterns or nature scenes to decorate her work.

Her one of a kind yet practical teapots, pitchers & other stoneware dinnerware are popular as gift items.

Item No. 45 – $40.00

Deluxe Handcrafted Journals/ Notebooks – These elegantly crafted books would make perfect gifts as travel journals, diaries, photo albums, recipe book or treasured scrapbooks. They can also be used as guestbooks or business/personal directories.

Item No. 46 -Small $44.00

Item No. 47 -Large $65.00

(Contact Us for Sizes)
Hand Woven “Egg” Baskets – Judy’s award winning basket designs are reflected in these exquisite “egg’ baskets. This unique design was used by farmers to retrieve and safely store eggs from their laying hens.But you can image the different decorating possibilities this classic basket offers you. Not to mention it would be an awesome gift for anyone with love of vintage eras or country living.

Item No. 48 – $60.00+

Hand built Pottery “Vine-ware” Cream & Sugar Serving Set (4-Piece) –
Maud is well known for her “vine-ware” pottery.Her wonderfully offbeat works incorporates all the natural elements such as bark, leaves & vines that can be found here in WNC.The usual “rough-hewn” surface textures make each piece/set an original.

These fabulous cream and sugar sets (serving platter, cream jug, sugar bowl and sweetener tray) are great for both coffee and tea drinkers and will make a holiday gift that is remembered for years to come!

Item No. 50 – Set $95.00


(Click image to see larger view)



Over $100.00+

Hand carved “Saint Nick” or Santa Claus -Cameron comes from a family of wood workers and is proud to be the third generation contributing to this tradition.He has a special talent for carving detailed caricatures and has produced hand carved statues of many notable characters.

As you can see, his version of Saint Nicolas has touch of the old Europe but still brings to mind all the joyous feelings of this special time of year.

At 13.5in tall with a width of 8in you can see why this “Santa” has been getting a good bit of attention. But since there is only one – we invite you to contact us soon, if you want this classic elf in your home this season!

“Saint Nick” – $400.00

If you didn’t find what you wanted, please browse our online gallery
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Inside the gallery you will find other items we couldn’t display on this list: handmade jewelry, even more glass art, and quilts, as well as music CDs and books by local authors.

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