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The Best Asheville Travel Souvenirs? Fiber Art Cairns (Stone Stacks)

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Stacking stones is a very old business.  Stone stacking has used as trail markers in many parts of the world by all different types of cultures.

They are especially popular among traders and hikers who moved along the trails and pathways of our WNC highlands. Cairns can be found at trail-heads, on mountaintops, along waysides and near waterway crossings.

What is a Cairn?


A cairn is a man-made pile (or stack) of stones. The word cairn comes from the Scots.  They can vary in size from tiny pebble markers to small artificial hills. They can be made completely from loose, conical piles of rock jumbled together to delicately balanced sculptures requiring complex feats of stone stacking engineering.

Cairns may be painted, carved and decorated, for increased visibility or for cultural reasons. Which is why we like Karen Kennedy’s colorful felted cairns so much.

Why Are Fiber Art Cairns So Cool?

Karen Kennedy, a gifted fiber artist said about her cairns, “Our trips are made up of wonderful experiences. With my ‘Asheville Cairns,. a new special size in my felted cairn series, you can now take home a lovingly hand-crafted art piece that reminds you of your travel memories and shows you how to find your way back to Asheville!”


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Karan goes on to say, “My intention with these pieces is to bring the inspiration of these ancient stone stacks or cairns into the modern craft and design world. These felt creations are both visual and tactile – and serve as guideposts to commemorate and celebrate our connections as we move along our paths.”

We invite you to come by the gallery on Thursdays in this month (October 2014), from 11:00Am to 4:00 PM to watch Karen during her live art demonstration display her crafting skills.

Directions to the > fiber art at Mountain Made Art Gallery

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